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  1. 3 minutes ago, kugglaw said:

    Yeah that’s quite awesome actually. I just assumed *all* secret sets would be at that sort of calibre. 

    George Ezra doesn’t feel like quite the secret. 

    Here's the thing. Over the years there have been loads of different flavours of "secret set" some are widely reported because they are a big act lots just fly under the radar because they are just a "normal" act that for some reason wasn't on the poster or lineup. 

    For every Killers on john peel there will be a kooks on john peel. 

    No one gets glasto tickets for the secret sets,  it's just a bonus if there is someone there who you want to see.

    I think expectations are way out of kilter with what can reasonably be expected. 

  2. 21 minutes ago, HomicidalGoat said:

    Thought I might start a thread for people's quick questions about what they do and don't sell at Glastonbury. I've packed and headed off now but realised I've forgotten some key items, I'm sure others might be in the same boat. 


    Will I be able to buy:

    • Individual tent pegs 
    • Grinders (for the morning coffee of course)
    • Rope? NOT STRING
    • OTC medicine beyond painkillers (laxatives etc.)
    • Fresh fruit, mainly bananas I'm looking for. 
    • Straws

    Thank you in advance

    There are usually several camping stalls that will be able to sort you out with tent pegs and rope. Try the main market but if you walk around market areas you'll usually find one. 

    Over the counter medicine you will be able to get at the little pharmacy stall,  Ranking my brains for where it is. I think just up from Williams Green.  Probably coop as well. 

    Fruit - there are fruit stands dotted around. Failing that coop.

    Not sure about kombucha, grinders or straws but I'm sure you'll find them somewhere. 

    Straws are likely not to be plastic. 

  3. 2 hours ago, chazwwe said:

    Songs I think we'll get:

    Die Hard
    Count Me Out
    Mr Morale (which I think he'll open with) 
    Mirror - which I believe he'll close with before the encore. 



    They would be great

  4. Anyone want to have a go at predicting what songs we will get from the new album?

    I'm going with 

    United in grief


    Die hard

    Count me out

    Then I'm not sure. I'd love auntie diaries. 

  5. 50 minutes ago, FloorFiller said:

    Yep I wouldn’t be anywhere else other than right up front - definitely where you want to be if you want the proper fan experience.

    Had the new album on a fair bit the past couple of days after giving it a bit of a break since release and I’m really excited to hear some of this stuff live - it’s grown on me a fair bit after the initial ‘whoa best album ever… oh no wait it’s just okay’ first few days of it being out. 

    I love the new album, I cooled a bit after the first week and felt there was a bit of filler, but I'm back to loving it. Can't wait to hear n95 live.

  6. Kenny is my most anticipated set of the weekend, can't wait, I reckon I'll get as close as I can, which I haven't done for a pyramid headliner since... checks notes... radiohead 2003.

  7. When Macca played in 2004 and I wasn't as worldly wise as I am now I saw basement jaxx on the other stage.  It was busy with people like me,  off their faces wanting to dance to upbeat music. Megan will have a good crowd. 

    My I'm intrigued by how big the Billie and kendrick crowds are. They are must sees for me. Hopefully means I can get closer. 

    I wandered into the John Peel tent just before Ash were due on stage in 2010 and it was dead and I turned to my wife and we realised that missing stevie wonder was going to be a massive mistake so pegged it over to a packed pyramid stage and caught his set,  was one of the best decisions ever. 

  8. 9 minutes ago, Colorblindjames said:

    What about Sharon Van Etten for the Sunday park slot. I think she's in the uk and at the end of her tour.

    She was amazing at JP stage last time. I don't know why she would be a secret set though. It's kind of where you would expect her to play. 

  9. 3 minutes ago, chazwwe said:

    I personally don't see Bastille as a sub headline act. Especially with their position in 2019. 

    I think the original rumour was a pyramid level act,  then it is a follow up hint from someone who has heard the rumour of who it (and I think from a few sources). It's their interpretation of the size of the band,  they were really just saying it's not a pyramid headliner but someone pretty big. So it's definately open to speculation how big someone is. And lord knows how we love to spend time talking about whether a band is big enough to sub or where they should be on the lineup. 

    I wouldn't let the fact that Bastille may or may not be a sub headliner size mean that it isn't them...although it may not be them 😀


  10. Just now, mr_monkey said:

    They were awful then, no loss in the slightest... Hopefully if there is a replacement it'll actually be something that is talented rather than just another band riding on the back of their parent's legacy and name

    Ahh I stand corrected, I wasn't there,  just read a review. 

    Who are their parents?

  11. 8 minutes ago, _JohnConnell said:

    Lil Nas X? Doesn't seem to be busy, has been before and his stock's definitely risen since the cameo with Miley Cyrus

    Sorry,  another one in the "no chance" category. He isn't touring until September for a start. 

  12. 48 minutes ago, MrRadioactiveCake said:

    Sounds exactly like Bastille's size tbh. The sort of band who are just boring enough not to draw too dangerous a crowd either.


    They certainly are dull.

    I would like it to be them so I can be somewhere else.

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