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    Online Ticket Tout Nightmares

    I was scammed last month by attempting to buy concert tickets at tickettout.com, who went into administration last week. 7,000 suctomers have lost around 1.4m pounds, and of course have no tickets for the events they wanted. The campaign website http://www.tickettout.org is in contact with the administrators of 'Ticket Tout Ltd'. If you have any information that may be relevant or credible in the investigation of tickettout.com please email through their site with any relevant facts which can be passed directly on to the administrators, who will be able to inform the DTI. The DTI are currently investigating the directors of Ticket Tout Ltd, and are seeking useful information that will also link tickettout Ltd to other online sites under investigation. tickettout.org is also interested in hearing from anyone in relation to any other unscrupulous online ticketing sites? Has anyone else been victim to online touts? If so, which sites and what happened? Thanks!