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  1. dan05delaney

    Other Stage

    so is the thinking that Courteeners and the Saturday headliner have been held back whilst they finalise is as it was supposed to be Prodigy?
  2. There has been a lot of "post" talk on the twitter as long as it isn't Post Malone
  3. This is going to be funny if the announcement isn't at 8
  4. Ah I love this day, I've missed the chaos and excitement
  5. just saw all this so what we all saying announcement tomorrow not today?
  6. Looking at National express coming down from Manchester, looks like it'll be about £200 for the 2 of us, works out £50 each way, per person, not the cheapest but can still imagine it being cheaper and a bit easier than trying to get the train down
  7. we should really get something in the next week or so then line up poster probably last week of March, still got a feeling there could be someone that hasn't been mentioned yet headlining
  8. Oh I forgot how bad the wait is... I'm sure time goes slower than normal on this day
  9. Hi all, not new but haven't been on here in a while, thought I'd dust off the keyboard and come back on as it's nearly t-day and that
  10. Killers Fleetwood Mac Muse (new album out 2018 so bound to play)
  11. RT @City_Watch: City left the pitch with three points today, but Kolarov left it missing one tooth. https://t.co/aufjAv5Ssu

  12. @LondonTom @Chazeboy ahh okay, should be all ciderd and ready by then

  13. Looks like Hart will be leaving after all

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