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  1. used to be on the mfg but its disappeared from my list
  2. darrenbha

    bella's bridge

    i was so disappointed to see this when i crossed it on monday on the way out
  3. smog... i may have blagged a lift with someone slightly more local to me but will confirm when you get back enjoy new york. looks like i'll definitely make it
  4. sorted now , thanks for your help. now i just need to get there
  5. tried to book earlier and failed as no paypal acct. is there a link where I can just make card payment or do I need to find a kind soul with paypal
  6. darrenbha

    Virtual campfire 2010

    good call karl i've just heard pinky and perky have asked to play a techno set of cartoon themes tonight any room for them bert
  7. awesome news that you've added deferred success, now to come up with a masterplan to get there from brighton
  8. darrenbha

    Getting Fit for Glasto

    doing ok so far lost just over a stone, wouldnt mind shifting another by glasto for the glasto world cup
  9. darrenbha

    Shall i still go ?

    large number of efesters camp at pennards, refer to it as the red triangle. there are threads about it here somewhere very welcoming
  10. heard a few tracks if you text king to 81088 you'll get a code for a remix of headbutt. i believe the text will set you back 10p
  11. darrenbha

    Shall i still go ?

    definitely go no doubt about it
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