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  1. I actually found it a bit claustrophobic and uncomfortable. Pinch points and chairs made it really awkward (sample size of one year admittedly)
  2. I'd back my tastes as being pretty outgoing - there's some interesting stuff there, but it all feels a little Emperor's New Clothes and don't even get me started on the guy's voice. Makes them sound like a joke band
  3. Saw Let's Eat Grandma again yesterday at BST. Not a surprise, but fuck they're tremendously enjoyable
  4. I bought one through twickets last year. Easy process, very secure and were plenty about
  5. I last went in 2011 and it felt a bit lame and lacking in identity even then Not to go all marketing theory, but the strongest ideas start with a "why" - Silver Hayes has never really had its why compared to other areas imo since the SE corner took over in dance terms
  6. Had a whale at my first one last year, and gutted I can't make it this year. Line up is absolutely on point for my tastes. Gutted
  7. Line up is pretty legit. However it's on the weekend between two overseas weddings The planning begins
  8. Saw Mogwai and Twilight Sad in Leeds on Saturday, both superb. Would love Twilight Sad there - new album to promote next year so hopeful!
  9. To be honest mate, it depends on how you're feeling. I put my back out before End of the Road this year, and I got through it, but by the end I was incredibly miserable, spent most of Sunday night headliners sat down at my tent. If I felt like that the week before Glastonbury, I probably wouldn't go tbh. Look after yourself, not just back wise, but emotionally. It depends on what you can take really. It would ruin my weekend personally, depends if you can grin and bear it
  10. While the line up is good, being in a confined space at sea for many days with nothing but B&S fans is my idea of hell
  11. ah right. This year was my first time, but I just recall friends who were there saying it was pretty ugly, but if they've been back, then I reckon we'll see them here
  12. New Low album seems to be getting big props, but then didn't yer man launch his guitar at the crowd a few years ago? Suspect they're not coming back
  13. This isn't a moan, but do they ever turn the lights off in the Tipi? Caught the end of Moor Mother by chance and it was intense AF, but the lights on kinda robbed it of its power
  14. The only time I got angrier for longer than 30 seconds all weekend was trying to get to a place where I could stand and watch a band in the Garden during the day. An impenetrable wall of chairs and blankets
  15. I was gutted I couldn't get in for Idles (though secretly grateful as I had a bad back and I needed a rest post Ezra) but my main beef with the Big Top was it pitch dark in there. So when I walked in during the day I almost always tripped over a pram/blanket I couldn't see, and at night pissed, it was like walking into a nightmare
  16. They always are. Seeing them in Leeds in November, 10th time seeing them, rarely worse than incredible
  17. As someone who appreciated the vibe generated by the folk/americana focus but preferred the punkier/out there stuff, Mogwai is one act that would guarantee my attendance next year. One of the best live acts in the world imo
  18. Genuinely struggle to think of anything beyond banning DJs from playing god damn rockabilly. As a first timer I thought it was a wonderfully run, fun and relaxed festival. I had a ball
  19. Yeah I don't get it? Drop it for an inferior product because they took some investment. Yet every food stand and bar is selling coca cola!
  20. You've turned up, starting saying that the women on the bill aren't there on merit and try to pull the high ground when someone calls you on your bullshit. What about men's rights eh! Here's a counterpoint - after decades of guitar based music being dominated by men, any act with the creative force coming from women is by default more interesting imo. FYI "Widely held but rarely said" is the domain of people with awful opinions. Believe what you believe but dont try to invoke an imaginary majority
  21. I don't even think it's a dickhead thing to be honest (I can be be a bit of a dickhead truth be told) but more than people really loved the music and had a tremendous respect and appreciation for the acts. Haven't experienced anything like that since the heyday of ATP
  22. Two other things that come to mind. - I love Titus and I thought it was a top show, but the decision to put it on the big stage was so silly, and it broke my heart how few people turned up (a common experience at a Titus show tbh) - I was really taken aback by how appreciative the crowd of every act. Was wonderful
  23. Sleater Kinney would be amazing, but they've not toured in like 2 years and said at the start of the year the new album was going to be taken very slowly. So I'm not holding much hope (they'd be an instant ticket buy for me if they were on the bill)
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