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  1. Are you crazy? It'd take all week. Can fly from Uk- Buda for about £60, Buda to barcelona for about £70, Then barcelona -uk for about £70 Figure £200 for 3 flights is a bargain.
  2. Showers are fine. Plus there's lots of Nudity! Definately stay in the camps. Whilst it is sweaty it's half the experience. Also you will be staying up til silly o'clock watching amazing techno.
  3. Am looking at doing this this year. Flights between Budapest and Barcelona are only £75 so it's not putting that much additional cost on. Has anyone done this before?? Any advice??
  4. Has anyone travelled from Exit to Benicassim? Any advice on doing this??
  5. Probably going again for my Fourth year. Has anyone done Exit and then travelled down to Beni? Any advice on this??
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