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  1. Sunday has some cohesion. As someone who was looking for an excuse to come back after 3 years away, there is very little depth on offer. It is a pick n mix of a lineup and I can't really see how it would appeal to any type of music fan.
  2. While I agree, I heard several people last year state that LGW? was getting predictable /starting to overlap too much with Unsound/Rewire. Also heard one group saying they could get a similar experience at Primavera (which I think is nonsense but anyway..) which overlaps quite a bit with EoTR so we come full circle. Somebody with more knowledge than me could most likely explain the live music networks that have led to this but it does feel like we are now in an era of very many very good line ups but few unique ones, whatever your tastes. So probably we need to reset expectations a
  3. Mark Mulcahy is a legend. He should be on more lists.
  4. While trying to come to terms with not going this year, thought I'd give a recommendation to check out Lewsberg. Very much dependant on if you are into that dry delivery Jonathan Richman, Herman Dune, bits of VU thing. If that sounds your bag, they could be your new favourites. The person asking about Wire-last few times I've seen them they create such a great angry noise that the setlist is almost irrelevant. I'd argue they are one of the most underrated live bands around.
  5. I'd like to see them keep the Late Junction curation If Mercury Rev are extending their 20th Anniversary Deserters Songs tour (unlikely I suppose) it would be a good bet.
  6. Thought I'd put my view out there as someone who last went ten years ago (christ). I had fears around the size, the talking (which I even found a problem back in 2008), the number of d*ckheads... Overall though I loved the weekend, the atmosphere, the site is a thing of wonder with so much care and attention in every corner (I could easily spend another week wandering around slightly drunk, finding new areas). The beer range was superb (loved the different selections/breweries at each bar). I understand the Beavertown complaints but for me they offered the friendliest and quicke
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