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  1. Hi do people know the gate times for WOMAD?

    I am planning on cycling and cycling can be a bit unpredictable and you end up arriving pretty late, was looking at whether a 3 day ticket and a Travelodge or if Id still get in if I turned up at stupid oclock having had some mechanicals. 

  2. Next years course is a brute. One for the climbers, Wiggins is pretty unlikely to feature.

    Contador to be munching the dodgy steaks again.

    Tommy V must be in with a good shout, perhaps Evans again.

    Van Gardaren may be a good outside shout.

  3. Best moment was Radiohead 03. It was one of those "I was there" things.

    Worst, every single Glastonbury the Monday morning, not that I am leaving but the utter pig stye people leave behind.

    "Funny" story was leaving my brother in charge of getting transport sorted in 2000. He reckoned all he had to do was turn up to Victoria and get a bus, no booking needed. We eventually got a train that took us to Castle Cary where there was an epic queue. So not quite getting our geography right we walked, few hours later, much cursing and unhappyness we eventually found a tiny corner of the festival we could squeeze our tent into.

  4. Id also add that the ride too the festival in 2010 was my favourite part of it. It was a full moon so lots of natural light and the roads really quiten down at around 11ish so the ride past Hungerford was beautiful, it was gliding through the English countryside with just the clicking of the cassette and chain to distract from the noises of the badgers in the brush and the occasional owl overhead. At one point I had a pair of Apaches circling doing some night training which was cool in a way.

    The cool air ment there was not so much need to keep on top of the hydration and Newbury was a good place for a major munch (near halfway) with shops still open.

    I will try to book a Travelodge or something about 30-50 miles from the site this year so I can get a kip in the warmth.

  5. FWIW I cycle to all the festivals I attend that are within 160 miles of me.

    Have done Glastonbury twice now. Once a few years ago, got the train to Bath and then in 2010 left work at 5:30 on the Tuesday, done about 110 miles before catching some kip in a layby at around 2 in the morning and cycled all the way in in the morning.

    The ride back to London is not so bad as from Hungerford\ Newbury its mostly downhill.

    The one big downer is getting enough calories to recharge at the end of the ride, too expensive for a real big meal on the site and with all the camping kit on the bike its going to be near enough 10 000 Calories. You dont need to replace them all but you do need a big feed to top up.

    Unfortunately most camp sites close to early to leave work and get a place to camp properly booked.

  6. Oh right you lot are in the "Cool to hate Coldplay" percentage. I dunno what you mean by music for bedwetters. I guess you don't like them but don't know why so you've come up with that. Bit silly.

  7. Its a death knell for mature students. People going back to uni after 30 will have far less time in their career to pay of the debt then begin saving for retirement. The debt will be around £27k for fees and about £18k for 3 years living expenses. Especially hard hit will be people looking to move into careers like teaching and social work in their early mid years. The idea of being a single mother and going back to uni is laughable.

    Also universities with a strong portfolio in the humanities and with a good uptake of people from the lower third of the social spectrum are effectively dead now. They will get nearly 80% cuts in their grants for teaching and with fewer wealthier students paying money that will have to subsidise more low income students.

    From where I was stood at the demo today most or all of the real violence was not from students by young kids, normally from the council estates. The violence today was about a huge age group of a class of people seeing doors very firmly slammed in their faces. The loss of their £30 a week EMAs will hurt a lot of them and then the tuition fees are a joke. On top of that the devestating cuts in non science subjects is just curtains for many of them. If we are not very carefull that anger will be repeated out on the estates themselves, it will be back to the days of Brixton, Toxteth and Broadwater Farm.

    I wonder if anyone else seen the kids comiting vandalism out on the streets of London today. Those are Daves generation.

  8. Stand tall this Thursday, find something local and after work head down and give an hour of your life as a reward for the people who paid for your education. London to Aberdeen look up the protests and miss out the police propoganda, get somewhere and show your passion for an education system the kids can still afford to participate in.

    The big marches will be through the day but find something and spread the message by social media.

    The is the first big fight in the cuts, cummon people, the kids have led we must follow......

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