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    cycling, preferably 150 mile sessions. That and booze and kebabs.
  1. *bounces* Gods the festival season starts when the car engine starts on Friday morning......
  2. Well I will be there with a mate, their first Knock.
  3. Oh Christ how many shitty covers of U2 songs will I have to put up with all weekend!
  4. Well seeing that somewhere official would have cheered my day up. Anyone else got some suggestions?
  5. dorlomin

    Cycling to Glasto

  6. I dont want to know how much the police charged, but how much they actually spent and how they justified the price. I also want to compare a few festivals policing and see how different events are policed. As a citizen I have a legal right to this information. What happens next depends on the information. Given the number of festivals going under, time to have a look at the polices contribution....
  7. I am trying to put together a FOI request to get the police costs for a festival (Glade 2009) to see what they account as costs and what those costs were. My current wording is "can you provide a breakdown of the costs for Hampshire police in policing Glade Festival 2009". Do any of the festival orginisers here or others have any advice on this especially on narrowing the language? I intend to use it in conjuntion with this document..... http://www.polfig.com/Documents/2009_ACPO_...ll_document.pdf
  8. For anyone really interested. http://www.polfig.com/Documents/2009_ACPO_...ll_document.pdf An FOI request or two may be in order. Festival fans, if you want affordable non comercial festivals in 5-10 years then you are going to have to get involved in holding the authorities to account.
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