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  1. Utterly utterly spanked.
  2. Harmison is not particularly renowend for his swing, its more pace and especialy bounce.
  3. SA are on 105 /4 Harmison sounds like he is leathal out there and has two of them. Edited 118 /5. Anderson now has two. The air here in south London is very heavy so the ball will be moving through the air, but the English bowlers are taking advantage of this.
  4. Bell was pretty close to getting dropped at the start of this series. He has talent, but is not really putting in the big scores.
  5. To be fair to KP he is almost the only guarenteed selection in the current england set up. OK him, Cook and Pannaser are the only trhee who are really sure of there test places.
  6. A real dog fighting innings from Collingwood and Pietersen is just being Pietersen. Top test crickit with Enlgand clawing there way back into the test after losing three wickets while still behind.
  7. SA all out for 314, not bad by England.
  8. After the New Zealand tets I thought England looked a decent outfit. Nothing flash but decent unit all the same. The saffies are just ripping them to pieces.
  9. Seems the English batting has been flatted on a featherbed. They will be lucky to get to 230 from here it seems. Day one and an innings defeat seems on the cards. They will need to pull there socks up by some amount if they are to get into this test match.
  10. Micky Arthur is trying psycological games. Watching a Saffie try to be subtle is like watching an elephant tap dance. Hardly the new Alex Ferguson is he.
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