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  1. wetwipes

    Fluffy Rock Cafe

    Ooh , whereabouts? *wants information cannot possibly use for 700 or so days
  2. wetwipes

    The Jacksons

    I thought The Jacksons were brilliant (I'm not a huge fan) but the sound at West Holts was appalling for them. Was on left side between LOUD stall & soundstage - kept moving around as people yakking was actually drowning out the sound. Went right to the back of the field on the left (near Ghandis Flip Flop) for the last number and sound was better there - v. odd Also went to west holts on Sunday to see Shaggy & sound was shockingly bad - tried a number of different areas to little avail. Gave up, left and went to a ( non-existent, as it turned out) gig in the Bimble inn instead - not a happy bunny.
  3. wetwipes

    Fluffy Rock Cafe

    Fluffy Rock used to sell 2 fried eggs in a bap for about £ 2.50. A staple of my festival. I'm afraid I boycotted The Open Arms out of sheer spite.
  4. wetwipes

    New Experiences

    Went to The Underground Piano Bar for the first time ever on Saturday night. Very impressive structure, not so sure about the entertainment. Saw a gazillion seagulls feasting on William's Green at 5 in the morning (*I* blame the TV coverage for making the festival so popular with them - I don't remember seagulls in the 1990s). Washed my hair at Glastonbury Festival for the first time ever, been going since 1994. It was Monday morning, my hair had gone Wurzel Gummidge like, & I was supposed to meet a civilian friend in Bristol for lunch. She cancelled as I got on the bus - sigh Went up to the Glastonbury sign for the first time ever - it's patchwork know. Finally got to see Prof Alice Roberts in the Crow's nest. 3 years ago....I forgot. 2 years ago, she clashed with Patti Smith. Last year I left the Pyramid Stage an hour b4 her 3 pm talk, slogged 3/4 of an hour on muddy slow-moving tracks to the Crow's Nest, only to find she'd finished precisely as I arrived. Her talk had been put back an hour - arrrgh. Had no smoke but passive smoke - sob.
  5. wetwipes

    Friendly reminder - USE THE LOCK UPS

    Just a tip for those who are leaving stuff in the lockups for the duration of the festival. As well as taking a photo, put a reminder on your phone to pick up on the last day. As I'm now coming from Ireland, arriving Bristol airport and finding passport, flight ticket etc have been left behind would be a bit of a nightmare. They do close up around midday (or earlier? - don't risk it) on the Monday.
  6. wetwipes

    Hot weather advice

    Hot weather advice for the women / men who like jewellery. Don't wear anything made of cheap metal with sunscreen - you and your clothing will be rendered rust orange. White clothing and sunscreen is generally a bad mix. And it doesn't come off clothing in the wash - you may end up doing weird alchemy experiments with lemon juice and sunshine before slinging them in the washing machine. I was neck-rusted at last year's festival when using a standard Boots moisturiser with SPF 15 - it wasn't even sunny!!
  7. wetwipes

    Hot weather advice

    I got in - it was the 15 mins standing in the sun in the crush outside that nearly killed me. I watched a LOT of bands in the John Peel that day...
  8. wetwipes

    Hot weather advice

    When planning travel in the Far East, pharmacy recommended I take a dehydration solution (dioralyte or Boots stuff) and take one at least every 2 days, to make up for sweating. Might help for those whose dehydration is eh "self-inflicted" too. And into my bag they go.
  9. wetwipes

    Hot weather advice

    Can get similar spray bottles in Superdrug - best quid (or so) you'lll ever spend.
  10. wetwipes

    The Unsuccessful

  11. wetwipes

    The Unsuccessful

    Hi guys. After a sleepless night imagining my bank might block the transaction if successful (I don't use card much and it's happened before), I rang Barclays this morning on their unblock my card line and got them to put a *large transaction marker* on my account for tomorrow only, to prevent that happening. Might be worthwhile to do with your banks too. Fingers crossed and good luck to all the Unsuccessful tomorrow!! wet wipes.
  12. wetwipes

    Coach Resale

    Just be careful about one thing guys. In the main coach sale in October, I had chosen Wednesday and was hammering away on refresh and getting holding page. Relaunched ticket sale page and it came up that Wednesday had sold out. Meanwhile my original browser continued to tell me that it was refreshing the Wednesday page ad infinitum for ages and ages after it had sold out. Good luck to all. Wetwipes the Unsuccessful.
  13. wetwipes

    Glasto secret resale tweet 2015


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