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  1. drewsstrat

    Best ticket buying experience AXS

    I got tickets this morning , but the pain of not getting tickets for Glastonbury last year twice on the card details page is hard to swallow.. almost there but not.. I’d rather be left in a queue knowing I wasn’t close
  2. drewsstrat

    Best ticket buying experience AXS

    Now in queue for Rolling Stones tickets and although they don’t open until 9 axs lets you preselect your ticket category and put your bank details in. Also keeps you intouch with progress in queue which is randomised in pushing you up.. so glastonbury organisers take note .. please get seetickets doing same or move to a supplier who can deliver a much more customer friendly service.. I lost out last year when entering my bank details .. totally gutted
  3. drewsstrat

    Glastonbury food with pictures

    Its a veggie stall doing a selection of stuff , salads to curries .. always good what ive tasted. I believe its on path east of other stage, towards pyramid.. on your right if walking away from other stage.. up from left field... We should have a map of food stalls!
  4. drewsstrat

    Kanye west confirmed

    How many more coldplay, oasis, nghfb, alt-j, florence and her machine sets, can we stomach
  5. drewsstrat

    Kanye west confirmed

    Or glastobudget perhaps
  6. drewsstrat

    Kanye west confirmed

    jay z booking nearly floored glastonbury's invincible status, but they did sell out eventually, and he turned it into a triumph (by all accounts). Metallica were lauded in some circles and dispised in others - I thought it was fantastic and everything that a rock fan could hope for.. Kanye is neither expected or safe... But if Elton John or the Eagles were a suprise announcement no doubt we would get the same 'marmite' reactions... I may (or may not) show up to see him.. but hey glastonbury isn't it.. so I will go with flow and see what else pops up.. By the way good to see mike99 back... agreed
  7. Glastonbury tickets sold out in record 27minutes this. Glad I had this rig to nab in 5 mins hey Peter Thomas

  8. Were the crowd chanting 'ole ole ole ole Ponty' as Welshman Donaldson won the ryder cup for Europe?

  9. 1st race 1st win and bumped into Bryn terfel #goodtimes

  10. My Glasto bands of the weekend now I've recovered and taken stock 1. Kodaline (they are destined for great things, great debut album) 2. Metallica. Perfect 3. The wailers. Packed field great memories 4. Robert plant. Legend delivered legendary set 5. Manics. Probably best form ever especially starting with motorcycle emptiness 6. Dolly. Everyone and their dog turned up. (Literately)

  11. Just woke up from 4am dad taxi run to pick family up from 1D gig. This after 100 mile run on the bike. Now to tescos, and cook the dinner. #thingsyoudotogetoutofit

  12. Thanks all for the birthday messages, much appreciated...! Now to enjoy it!!

  13. Beth's violin concert

  14. What a load of old tashe

  15. drewsstrat

    Efesters on Twitter

    I'm @drewsstrat