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  1. I was 32 when I first went in 2004 now 45 for this one...time flies!!
  2. wish everyone the best of luck
  3. I don't need any anymore - just interested to see how it goes if it happens
  4. 2004 was brilliant seeing them then...my first year with my best mate..great times
  5. You deffo deserve one! 7 years?! next time I'll stick you on our list, we always get through...though now you might jinx it
  6. TIPI (SLEEPS 6) £995.00 (£995.00) Tickets not available
  7. A ninnywoolly moment haha
  9. I'm waiting on trying to get a ticket for my mate's bf and also a phone call to say a baby is on it's way which means I have to leg it to the hospital as I'm photographing the birth. Nerve-wracking times.
  10. browse incognito with chrome
  11. I've only just gone for a wee
  12. I have a west and need an east. I actually waited two months to get one then realised I was in the wrong field. I am thick. I've messaged next person on the list missus_c but need to get this sorted asap.
  13. Hiya - I've had a good friend who is going with us who can't go now so he is selling me his campervan ticket so please could you take me off the list. Thanks muchly and enjoy the festival xx
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