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  1. Can drop off by the festival tomorrow. Please contact on 07904445544
  2. Yeah got hold of them today. Have had them delivered on the Monday before lol. Should have them by Monday latest ?
  3. Anyone else waiting for their ticket?
  4. I need two East too. There'll be more on sale
  5. smiley33

    Resale Club 2019

    Need 2 CV east tickets if anyone is not going anymore
  6. No cos a friend is getting ours who is a local and hasn't done the name change yet and I can't get hold of her lol
  7. Need two CV tickets can two people send me their reg details PLEASE
  8. smiley33

    CV ticket

    Yeah they said that last year and we bought ours off someone on here. They never check they just want the people in and dine and dusted lol
  9. smiley33

    CV ticket

    Yeah can be traded.
  10. smiley33

    CV ticket

    Nah they never check. Been doing it since 2004.
  11. smiley33

    CV ticket

    Need two East tickets if anyone has any for sale Thanks
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