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  1. Each to their own, and I'm impressed at the effort here, but I still think a simpler approach is to just bring less stuff. A big backpack and a small bag and that's me. Easy to manouevre, fewer issues in mud, nice and easy to take public transport too. (I do spend more than I'd like on food and drink over the weekend though, it's true...)
  2. End of the Road had a good improvement on the branded plastic cup thing this year, I thought. Rather than have cups with nice illustrations / branding on, which tend to get taken home by people and then left in cupboards, they hired in loads of generic, reusable plastic pint cups. They then operated the same approach as described: £1 to purchase a cup (I think), and then each time you got a beer you swapped your dirty old cup for a clean one. The main extra benefit is that the cups get reused again and again and again at other events. Apparently it's the first year they've used
  3. I was doing this a few weeks ago before I got lucky with a pair. You will be rewarded!
  4. Yeah, I totally agree the whole pre-loaded wristband thing is a complete scam, especially now that contactless cards are so mainstream. I think Bluedot had one of these systems this year, with some kerfuffle over how to apply for refunds, or how long refunds took to be issued.
  5. Great, thanks! Love it, super-excited for the weekend!
  6. I've not been to a festival for about three years now (had a baby), so EOTR is my first proper camping festival for a while. How common is card payment these days? Do EOTR bars take cards? I'm used to taking a wad of twenties with me, but I went to a couple of one-day events in London this year and it was clear that the card payment tech has really moved on. Thanks!
  7. Hi folks! First-timer here, so excuse the beginner question. Is it easy enough to get a drink late on? When do the bars shut? (Planning my packing and wondering if I should bother bringing any decanted booze or not.)
  8. Hi folks - came here to ask exactly this! Have a funeral to attend on Thursday at the other end of the country, so likely won't be arriving until later on the Friday. Good to know that I won't have trouble getting a spot. (This is my first "smaller" festival, my other reference points being Glastonbury, Reading and IoW. Really looking forward to it, particularly as the line-up is so so strong.)
  9. johnmcga

    Resale Club 2019

    Hi everyone - long-time Efester here (though not had much of a presence for a few years now due to work, family, etc, etc). Failed in October and trying again tomorrow. Haven't added our details to the spreadsheet as I'm not clear how it all works, but thought I'd log on to wish everyone luck anyway. I've gone every year since 2007, except 2017 when I skipped because I had a new baby. Really hoping to make a return this year!
  10. Former forum regular now irregular here. Trying for the first time since 2016 (had a baby, life got in the way, etc, etc). Feeling like a bit of an imposter but ready to get back on the constant-refreshing bandwagon. So, good luck folks!
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