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  1. sparkle

    my tattoo's on a cd!

    One of my fav bands when I was younger, My Life Story, have got a new album out: And that's my tattoo (it isn't me in the pic). And my username is from a My Life Story song. I'm starting to look like a right obsessive freak aren't I? I'm not really, I'm quite normal. It just struck me as a weird coincidence. They're playing in london on the 8th December - I quite fancy going for old time's sake.
  2. sparkle

    Leeds festival.

    You can see my tent (if you squint a little) in the last picture. On the far right of the pic, about 2/3 of the way down, there's a caravan, and we are camped next to that
  3. sparkle

    prizewinning pie

    We had a competition at work in aid of the healthy eating week we're having. You could submit a healthy recipie (a word I can never spell) and the head chef would make it and there would be a taste-off to decide the winner. I submitted my mexican pie recipie, the judging was today and I won! I'm really happy! I was up against a fruit loaf, a rhubarb and carrot soup (which was really nice) and some chicken thing. My recipie will also be incorporated into the menu at work, and it's going to be served next tuesday. The chef also told me that my recepie was the most fun to cook, and had the best understanding of ingredients. I'm so proud of my cooking achievement I was at leeds festival at the weekend. Lots od stuff happened. T'was a very hyperactive festival indeed. I'll do a proper write up of the fest at a later date if I can be arsed, but I'm sure you can probably imagine the shennanigans that went on.
  4. sparkle

    lazy sod

    I'm so lazy. I'm still in bed. I plan to stay in bed until about 30 min before Craig gets home from work and then get up and pretend I've been busy all day . I'm officially stockpiling on my sleep in advance of leeds festival, which is going well with a full 12 hours last night The only thing I might do today is drive to Momoniats, which is an international supermarket, to buy some cheatin vegan ham for my sandwiches for leeds festival. But I'm feeling so lazy I might not even do that. Oh, I applied for a promotion at work and found out yesterday that I didn't get it. I'm not too upset tho because: 1. The guy who got it has been doing the job the longest and therefore probably deserves to get the promotion 2. I really love my current job 3. I'd have to move desks away from where all the funky people in my department sit and downgrade my office social status accordingly.
  5. sparkle

    off to leeds festival

    It's official! I'm going to leeds festival. Spoke to programme selling woman today and confirmed that we are actually going, so it's all good. I'm a bit annoyed that we can't arrive until Thursday (as we normally get there on wednesday), but on the plus side we should be camping in the proper workers campsite as opposed to the traders campsite. All's good.
  6. sparkle

    getting ready for leeds festival

    We did indeed have a gazebo with fairy lights on it, but it wouldn't have been me as my gazebo died on the sunday afternoon Are you coming to the Thursday efests meet? I'm gonna be there and I'd like to meet you as you seem really sound Am getting all excited for the festival now - hopefully see you in a few days!
  7. sparkle

    getting ready for leeds festival

    I'm packed - huzzah! I've tried really hard to keep the amount of stuff I'm taking to leeds under control and I've failed miserably. I have: large tent and my trusty badger trolley to transport it gazebo 3 festival chairs big golf brolly humungous rucksack full of blankets, mattress, sleeping bag, stereo, washing up bowl and some drinks humungous rucksack full of shoes, clothes, assorted girly crap and a loo roll shoulder bag full of drinks small rucksack full of booze big bag with duvet and pillow big stackabox with stove, pans etc, lantern, gas, voice changing megaphone, water carrier and other assorted crap that we can all share at the campsite coolbag with more booze, food and a melon Cos I've "packed light", I don't have: The trusty cow flag and flagpole some battery powered fairy lights to decorate the gazebo as many plasters as I usually take and no strepsils I've done really craply haven't I? I can't believe that I used to go to festivals on the coach and I used to just have a big camping rucksack and a small rucksack's worth of stuff with me When I first started festivalling, I'd have a small tent, a sleeping bag, a roll mat, a change of clothes, my toothbrush and my makeup! Oh, and a few bottles of booze and some bourbon biscuits. I never used to need a sleeping bag, a pillow, a duvet, an air mattress and a blanket to keep warm! Never used to bother with a stove, or a gazebo and chairs, any food that needed to be kept cool, a stereo, washing bowl, towels (shower? at a festival??) or any of the crap that I deem "necessary" to have with me. In a way I'd like to go back to having everything I need for a 5 day party in 2 bags, and not have to do 2 trips to the car to get everything to the campsite. However, I enjoy the way I do festivals now... Nothing wrong with a bit of luxury! (And yeah, it is useful that I'll be camped next to my car in the workers campsite). I'm working selling programmes at leeds festival as per usual this year. I still haven't confirmed with woman in charge of programme selling what time we'll need to get there, so I'd best give her a call tomoz.
  8. sparkle

    risotto and south africa

    Last night we started to get things booked for our holiday to Cape Town, and we've got 4 of the 6(!) different places we're staying booked. We're staying in a variety of places, from a sw*nky hotel in capetown, to a fancy tent thing in a nature reserve (where we get to go for a ride on an elephant - eek!). We fly out via amsterdam, so we decided to spend a couple of nights there before going on to SA, and we're staying in the Winston hotel in the red light district (just round the corner from the Grasshopper if you know where I mean). It's an art hotel, and all the rooms are crazily decorated by artists who appear to have taken large amounts of narcotics before getting the paintbrush out I'm looking forward to staying there! I've been mostly listening to Gonzales and Suede, which has been very enjoyable. We went to entroprized and mrshipe's house for tea on monday night, which was a lovely veggie risotto. I think if I could only have one foodstuff again for the rest of my life, I'd choose rice. Yum I sucessfully managed to persuade them to come to Thimbleberry, but tbh they didn't need much persusasion
  9. sparkle

    it's the weekend...

    I'll remember that for next time, thanks. The game I got came with a free rivers expansion, although I think we will stick to playing with just the original set until we get the hang of the strategy.
  10. sparkle

    why do people wuss out of things?

    So, it's saturday night, I'm stuck in watching big brother, and I have no company other than the internet and my cats cos Craig is working a late shift Was meant to be going to the evening do of my workmate's wedding, but obviously I'm not cos I'm sat on the sofa. I was thinking about wussing out of going to the wedding cos I couldn't be arsed to go, but after several cups of tea** I had a plan of action. I was going to drive into town (cos I have petrol but no bus and taxi fare - nearly payday tho), abandon Leanne the Megane in the free car park, meet my workmates and then wander down to the wedding reception to get myself a free dinner from the buffet, drink a couple of glasses of pop and then drive home again. And I was going to wear my lovely new posh frock* too. Got a text from workmate 1 saying that workmate 2 had wussed out of going, and that workmate 1 was therefore also wussing out of going. So I had noone to go with and didn't know if anyone else from work was going that I could tag along with. So I didn't get to wear my lovely new posh frock and I didn't get to swipe a free dinner from the buffet, so I had pasta and pesto with some walnuts and dates for pudding. Can you tell that I need to go to the supermarket tomoz? Today I have been mostly listening to modeselektor - hello mum, and a damn fine album it is too. Saw them at glade and they were very hard, almost gabba in places, but the album is much more eclectic tho. I had to keep breaking off and having a little dance from cutting out recepies (sp?) from a big pile of magazines. But I managed to sucessfully complete my task and now my pile of cookbooks is much tidier without various printouts and leaflets. I'm so anal sometimes *My lovely new posh frock It is so gorgeous - it's a little cream strapless number from coast. It has burgundy flowers all over it, and some of the flowers are accented with sequins. It's also a sad frock as it was to be my bridemaids dress for my friend's (not my workmate mentioned above) wedding, which would have happened yesterday. She found out about 6 weeks ago that her husband to be is a bit of a shit, and consequently the wedding was cancelled. She seems to be doing ok tho, and she's cashed in the honeymoon in favour of a drunken trawl to turkey with her bezzy mate which seems like just the kind of thing she should do. **is there anything that a nice cup of tea and a sit down doesn't sort out?
  11. sparkle

    it's the weekend...

    We've definately decided that we're going to thimbleberry - hurrah! We can't stay on sunday night tho cos craig has to be in work at 6am on monday morning, but apart from that it's all systems go for some crazy cold camping. Am gonna try and talk a few more efesters into going, and a good few of my friends are more than likely coming as well
  12. sparkle

    it's the weekend...

    ...And I'm absolutey knackered. I had an interview at work today for a promotion, which I think went well. I'll find out about it next week, so fingers crossed for me. Had to go and buy a suit in a big panic on wednesday after work as I realised (during a deathly boring training course) that my current one and only presentable suit was in fact 8 years old and didn't fit any more. So that'll be going to the charity shop then (as I really need to sort out my wardrobe cos I can't fit any more clothes in it!). So I now own a brown suit. And I look really funny in it. Had I not got changed when I got home I would have posted a picture. I never have to wear business dress to work which is great, and I'm a bit of a scruffy bugger really, so I felt like I was dressing up to go to work. Might wear my pirate costume to work next week for the hell of it At work every employee is allowed one paid "environment day" each year. On monday our team went to a local primary school to help them make a nature garden. We laid bark paths, made raised beds, a compost area, painted the gate and the picnic benches and cut back all the hedges. It looked great when we'd finished, and what an excellent thing to get to do instead of doing a "proper" day's work I'm such a weaking tho - I really couldn't do a manual job like that for a living - I was knackered after about 20 mins of shovelling! We bought a great board game called Carcassonne and played that on wednesday night. If you've ever played civilisation then it's a bit like that - really good fun, except we got a little over zealous with placing our men around the city. We'll know not to be so keen next time tho Our lovely housemate moved out on wednesday which was rather sad The house is feeling somewhat empty at present, so I think we should get someone else to move in soon. She's doing really well for herself and has got a the job she wanted following her graduating from her postgrad course. In other news.... We're thinking of going to Thimbleberry in september - looking forward to that. Made a most excellent coffee and walnut cake. Have been mostly listening to Madonna this week.
  13. sparkle

    iration steppas n ting

    cool - I saw it on the organic wine website that I like to pretend that I can afford, but the postage was crazy expensive on it! Will have a look for it as I need to go to the supermarket tomoz.
  14. sparkle

    iration steppas n ting

    So, I went to unity day in hyde park (that's leeds not london) yesterday, and was pretty darn good. Went over to the park with a couple of friends and met up with a host more when we arrived, and proceeded to sit around and get drunkled. There's loads of interesting local bands on at unity day, techno, dub and drum n bass tents, combined with some village fete type activities such as a cake sale, face painting and a dog with the waggiest tail competition (where the main contenders are dogs on ropes attached to crusties) which makes for an interesting mix of people. There was also a good selection of veggie food stalls so I accompanied my westons cider (which was the first time I'd had it and it was v. plesant) with a big pile of veggie goodness for £3. Bargain. Started to go dark so we wandered off for a dance to the iration steppas, who were playing a good (but not one of their best) drum n bass set. Was in the middle of a right good boogie when I spotted someone from work, which was rather funny as we were both quite embarrassed to see the other there! Today I've been shopping in town - purchased a lovely floral sleeping bag and a big pile of stinky stuff from Lush. It's smelling like tea is almost ready (my friend is back from his travels in thailand and is staying at ours for a couple of nights and making tea for us) so I'm off to investigate.