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  1. Fucking Hell ! I literally just felt my soul sink to the floor
  2. I know nothing about weather preparations but surely it absurd for thinks to swing from hot and sticky to cold and wet in a matter of minutes
  3. I can't keep up with this anymore. What is the damn weather forecast
  4. simonizer


    I havent where is it ?
  5. Enough about '98 it was like a huge bowl of arse gravy. What's the update for next week?
  6. Can someone give me a weather update,I've lost track
  7. Can someone give me a weather prog Because it was fucking unmentionable after 1997 . Anyone at both has deleted it from their collective memory
  8. https://www.express.co.uk/news/weather/1141641/UK-weather-forecast-latest-met-office-forecast-uk-storm-thunder-heatwave ?
  9. His last one was the stuff of nightmares
  10. Looks pretty grim on the webcam right now
  11. I take it that's this coming Wednesday ?
  12. This thread is quite literally driving me mad.
  13. I wish I hadn't seen that , it's very harrowing indeed
  14. It does seem to be clearing now
  15. Yup, pissing down on the webcam
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