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  1. jollynolly

    Nick Cave

    Managed to get tickets for the Brighton Dome to see him in October, they are seated tickets but hey ho I don't care just as long as I get to see the Dark Lord in action I will be a very happy bunny
  2. jollynolly

    Nick Cave

    Second time to see the lord of darkness at Glastonbury, totally and utterly converted by him first time round and this time fell even more under his spell. Intense, spooky, sexy and passionate all rolled in to one. Took my 18 year old son to see him (new to the dark one) he was mesmerized. At first he kept shaking his head and saying "this is mad" but then got in to it. I loved the Mercy Seat and Tupello was as dramatic as ever but that has to be the best version of Stagger Lee live I've seen. Love love loved the girl with Nick Cave on her face, although did at one time think she was going to in the words of Stagger Lee "Suck my c...k" Mumford fans kept pushing in in front of us, they looked like they had been cloned, boys in trilby hats and girls with garlands in hair and flowery dresses.They looked horrified at Mr Cave. When we left my son kept shouting "quick before more of the Mumfords come" as though they were a cloned cult. Amazing show
  3. jollynolly

    Glastonbury food with pictures

    Its the blue Soup company situated a little down from the Queens Head