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  1. We’re there tonight (decided on Weds) - can’t wait
  2. Same, and what seemed like the last hotel in London (must’ve been a cancellation that appeared as browsing!)
  3. adequate8

    paolo nutini

    we were there, and a bunch of others who DM'd me. I couldnt spill the beans too all unfortunately!
  4. Yeh why was his mic so quiet for so long?! And then when we basically screamed them to stop and sort it, it still wasn’t loud enough
  5. Is central tickets legit? Never dabbled
  6. I was told there are 50k Sunday day tickets, that right?! Seems a lot
  7. Gabriels @ Lonely Hearts Club Faux Real @ Crows Nest
  8. It was really busy, word got round as bar staff were also telling people, a few thought it was Harry Styles so I told them it wasn’t to save them the disappointment. Had a lot of thanks in my DMs which is nice to see 🙂
  9. Anyone else go to faux real at crows nest last night? Incredible, seemed like entire crowd was made up of ppl in bands (wet leg, squid, hot chip, sorry, katy j pearson)
  10. Wu Lu and Greentea Peng were 2 of em
  11. What was this? Been removed
  12. I’ve DM’d on here
  13. Are you running secretglasto? If so I’ll DM you on here?
  14. Are you running secretglasto? If so I’ll DM you on here?
  15. Paolo Saturday is go, will share via @SecretGlasto 🫡
  16. Randomly, the guy who runs The Whole Cheese vendor at Williams Green said this morning he knows her Guitar Tech and he could neither confirm nor deny her if she’s here this weekend…
  17. adequate8

    See Coaches

    I saw 1 or 2 getting loaded and then ours, drivers just leave punters to it so no worries for you there. Try and keep smaller items/chairs maybe as they can go over head, all coaches were rammed luggage wise and took ages to squeeze everything in
  18. adequate8

    See Coaches

    Ended up leaving an hour late
  19. adequate8

    See Coaches

    Only seems to be 1 (of at least 3) Manchester 12pm coaches here so far
  20. I’m sure they replied to someone asking if any other sets and they said no
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