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  1. could headline Far Out Thursday no? Her set this year was out of this world, 2 of my mates who werent familiar were welling up at the end
  2. Presale 30/11 9am until 1/12 8pm
  3. Can’t find where it mentions Saturday, can you share?
  4. Lineup 12pm Netherlands time (11pm GMT)
  5. Arrives #CalaMijas the perfect closure for your holidays, Arctic Monkeys with an exclusive date in Spain, Kraftwerk Chet Faker, and many more top the first confirmations in your must-have date of the end of summer. The pre-sale of 5,000 bonuses with an exclusive price of €80 is available, sign up today from 11am on the waiting list to access it from 29th November for 48 hours or until quota runs out. #CalaMijas will also have an exclusive camping for the attendees. available Info 🤩
  6. Jungle Woodkid FKJ Slowthai
  7. 4 of the purples are A38 so purple/greens are mixed
  8. Woodkid, Jungle, FKJ? some of these could be on follow up announcements 😉
  9. Facts @eFestivals another vouch needed pls 🙃
  10. Tourist headlining A38 one night
  11. Jungle aren’t doing this btw @eFestivals can vouch
  12. Amyl & The Sniffers, Viagra Boys and slowthai will be there ✌🏻
  13. Yeh it’ll be 5/6 bands per day announced I bet
  14. They’ll just tour on their own, no festivals other than BBK
  15. by far and away the set of the weekend, if only the other bands at RW gave it their all like Paak did!
  16. Hoping to check em out at Night & Day next month
  17. Was a different source
  18. Top bloke isn’t he! Hopefully get to hang out more at next years meet up !
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