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  1. Major Charles Ingram

    Recommendations for next year

    Just looking for the festivals where arena and camping aren't separate and everything doesn't shut down after the last act. Also where they don't search you for booze coming in (to the arena). I've heard Bearded Theory is quite good. Any recommendations appreciated.
  2. Major Charles Ingram

    GlastoMap - new version

    They were still building it on the Wednesday last year.
  3. Major Charles Ingram

    GlastoMap - new version

    Somewhere in the circus field I think
  4. Major Charles Ingram

    GlastoMap - new version

  5. Major Charles Ingram

    GlastoMap - new version

    Just got an email from the guy who does http://glastomap.com/ as I pointed out Dairy Ground and Paines Ground were the wrong way round. Apparently it's always been wrong, so take care if you're directing anyone!! Could get confusing, especially if the staff don't know. ========== Hi Andy, I try to copy the official map each year as best I can. I have seen two maps from this year that both have Dairy and Paines in these new locations (see the official one below). The story is that apparently Paines and Dairy have been labelled incorrectly for years! This is the first year they've actually corrected it. The new positions do make more sense as Dairy is now actually closest to the diary part of the farm. Hope that clears it up!