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  1. Chocscoffer

    Portable phone chargers

    Anker everytime. Brilliant chargers that I have used for years. Bought mine on Amazon.
  2. Chocscoffer

    Glasto Travelodge Tues night

    Hi folks. I am.not able to go to Glasto this year:(. I have booked and paid for a family room at the Glasto Travelodge for the Tues night before the gates open. I did this last year and four adults stayed in the room no problems. I can't get a refund so I was wondering if anybody wants to take it off my hands. I paid £73 but happy to take £50. I have the email booking I can provide which confirms it's paid for. Gutted I can't go but moving house that week :(. PM for details. Ta!
  3. Chocscoffer

    Who's watching what on tv

    Nowt decent to watch on telly tonight so I'll probably make a start on Sons of Anarchy S1 boxset I got myself for Chrimbo, i've not seen it before but it has come highly recommended. I haven't been that impressed with what's been on TV over the Chrimbo break TBH.
  4. Chocscoffer