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  1. How does anybody know how much they cost?
  2. I'm getting confused. Is boutique the festival?, or whats the deal?.
  3. Sum 41 are no way as big as All Time Low. Wouldn’t somebody like Frank suit the mainstream crossover a little better.
  4. Isn’t this some weird logic, Every festival in the world could argue the same. Thet would make every festival great value. They aren’t though.
  5. It looks awful now a bunch of cheaper and nostalgia acts what have they spent the money actually on
  6. Not really the ‘wow’ for a much quoted 65,000 festival though.
  7. I agree, along with everybody else on his current tour. The guys first album was groundbreaking. More so than any of the other suggestions. He deserves respect, not somebody saying 'good he's not playing'.
  8. The streets were amazing in the NME tent at reading a few years ago. On a bigger stage I agree it never really worked.
  9. 4th Feb - local press
  10. The woman from Chvrches seems so rehearsed and almost robotic. I'd imagine that the set it exactly the same every night. From where she walks, how she dances, when she talks. I can't work out how this can be so popular.
  11. Professor Green comes across as a whining twerp these days. No wonder she left him. I'm glad he's falling down bills.
  12. I know you're a fanboy, but this is giving me the giggles. The date of this post must be 2005(ish). Its time travel.
  13. Wasn't the Chamberlin part of the shit show a few years back at Reading. So its only one additional person from that?. Meh. It should have D Arcy in it or nothing.
  14. The arctic monkeys are balls. I don't want them to play. Billy ruined the Smashing Pumpkins when he dragged it out for years and years without anybody else. My face would have looked disappointed.
  15. Weirdly I think he ticks more boxes. It would be unique. Who knows what crowd he'd bring as I'm not sure he's ever toured has he?
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