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  1. Correct (hello from Tokyo everyone!)
  2. Can't remember where I heard it but someone who runs the Park is a PPC for the Tories There used to be a Tory councillor from Bath who'd DJ a lot, although can't remember his name or seeing him on the line-up since 2009
  3. Alcatraz

    NYC Downlow

    For me it's my favourite late night venue. Musically it's just so fucking superb. I'd suggest if there are aspects of the Downlow that you can't handle, then don't think about darkening its door
  4. I have to be honest, before this year I always had it in the mind that there would be a point in life I'd hold up my hand and say 'that's enough for me, it's been fun, but it's goodbye forever', and that was possibly going to be the next fallow year after the forthcoming one. But this year made me realise why that shouldn't be the case I've been going since I was 12. I'm 25 now. How I've done Glastonbury has changed immeasurably over those years, and I know in its current guise, there's scope for me to adapt to it and still have a great time for a long time yet. Emily is the key I think to the festival's future. I trust her. But I know its not a given she'll be around running the festival as long as her dad has which has fair enough. The moment I feel the break has been made from what I believe both her and her dad believe the festival should be, will be the moment I stop wanting to go.
  5. Went to Lovebullets after Justice for a bit of a boogie with Artwork Was thinking it was pretty quiet for a guy who I've seen pack a tent many a time
  6. Alcatraz

    Iffy Turnouts

    Warpaint to me looked like a standard Park audience during the day, maybe even worse Last row pretty much at the sound stage
  7. Alcatraz

    Suicide Tuesday

    Just battled my way through London public transport and the pissing rain with my massive bag, muttering to myself "Fuck this FUCK ALL OF IT"
  8. Alcatraz

    Suicide Tuesday

    I dunno... Tom Binns had a few good ones in the Cabaret tent
  9. Thursday Napalm Death - 8 - I can say I've seen Napalm Death and that's just great Yuma - 7 - Stumbled upon - nice sounds but not overly memorable Labess — 8 - Another Stumble upon but great fun Friday The Pretenders - 7 - Nice start to the day Bo Ningen - 9 - As excellent as when I saw in December Ride - 6 - Forgettable but ok Little Dragon - 7 - Consistent at least. Yukimi is still bae Anderson Paak - 10 - The real 'oh shit' moment of the weekend. Loved the records - think I love the live show even more. A total boogie get down Radiohead - 7 - As good as I expected they'd be, but there's a reason I didn't try and see all of it, or stick around for the rest of it Flaming Lips - 9 - Glad I ditched Radiohead for, visuals I'll never forget Saturday Thundercat - 9 - Seen several times and he's getting better and better. So.Damn.FUNKY RTJ - 9 - The right hook to the head that field needs sometimes. BASS Katy Perry - 9 - I achieved exactly the level of fucked up I wanted to have an absolute blast Solange - 9 - Majestic. Better than her sister The Jacksons - 8 - Had a ball. -2 for Tito's god awful songs Sunday Barry Gibb - 9 - Actually my surprise of the weekend. I'm really happy I can say I've seen and loved him Chic - 10 - Never in doubt Jagwar Ma - 8 - Good time fun time band Justice - 9 - The right ending to cap off a day that didn't feel like a sunday. Hurrah! That's an average of 8.3 - Good Times!
  10. Alcatraz

    Top 5 Acts

    1. Anderson Paak 2. Chic 3. Katy Perry 4. RTJ 5. Barry Gibb
  11. The really jokes ones shouldn't be Completely bottled it when I saw the guy with the 'Just Sack Pat' flag in one of the markets as it's one of my faves
  12. Why? How do you think the backing music was made in the first place?!
  13. Couldn't quite see the name of the band on the t-shirt but fair play to him Also great comeback of asking when they'll be on the Pyramid If anyone needed convincing Michael is as sharp as ever he pretty much recognised the guy straight away The whole Q&A was a riot even the slightly tense stand off about Palestine which I thought Michael dealt with superbly
  14. Alcatraz

    The Jacksons

    I was near the front so unaware of the sound issues bar some low vocals that tbh at the time I put down to being 4 old boys I had a great time though. Tito's songs were hilariously bad though. Down with the kids yo!
  15. Stop Arcadia letting off the big flames outside of its own show It's really fucking annoying when you're not there, and even more so when you are there Do a worse job at advertising late night performances, particularly the bigger name DJs (Jackmaster, Eats Everything etc.)
  16. Alcatraz


    I hadn't seen a Legends slot since Brian Wilson Honestly went in with trepidation as there are some BeeGees songs that are make my toes curl But boy did he avoid those and remind us of some of the best ever written. Great to see him really quite moved by it all
  17. Made a point of looking back several times to see how far the joy was spreading back The answer was pretty much further than I could see Hearing the breakdown during Le Freak where the horns climb and Nile and the bassist groove together live is quite possibly better than sex
  18. Did anyone actually see The National? Because during that time the Avalanches was rammed so wandered down to Other, past a rammed Lovdbullets, past a rammed Glade and in to a very busy Other
  19. I was at the Q&A and it was classic Michael having a bit of fun with everyone. The simple fact is unless that deal is signed already, there wont be a festival in 2018
  20. The.Best.One.Yet
  21. This'll be thanks to the litter crews who were beavering away at 6am as I walked through on my way out That said, there wasn't a whole lot of mess before anyway
  22. Yup there's a poster saying they've moved to Silver Hayes
  23. Wednesday 9am may be the most stressful hour of my life
  24. It might be the years of festivaling, but I much prefer short sets. When I go to a gig the rest of the year I do tend to notice that extra half hour, particularly if it's an act I'm not too familiar The idea of the likes of the Foos or Springsteen playing for 3 hours plus immediately puts me off ever seeing them
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