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  1. r0w

    Ticket Sales

    most likely....if they havnt sold out a couple of months before the fest starts they will release some day tickets. always happens!
  2. r0w

    Ticket Sales

    yeah no prob.....i doubt it will sell out, youl be fine
  3. What about Soundgarden and Tool co-headlining the heavy rock day?? would be f**king tasty! the average reading go-er in yellow, flowery wellington boots would argue that neither is quite big enough for a Reading headlining slot......but co-headlining together would be epic!
  4. My Friday Prediction MUSE Tool Bullet For My Valentine The Cult Feeder Funeral For A Friend Disturbed Masters Of Reality ....and before you say "Tool would never sub".....yes they would
  5. r0w

    Download 2011

    I think the 3rd headliner is pretty obvious & everyones missed it! This band..... *Never Played Download Before (doubt AC is gona select 3 headline repeat bookings!) *Have'nt played the UK in donkey's years *Fit The Classic Rock Tag *Have A Huge cult following *They would only ever accept headlining *Headlined some European Sonispheres last Summer....but dont seem to be contracted to play any Soni's next summer but have announced 1 UK show next year....so are available *Totally different to SOAD and Linkin Park so tick the variety box section. *Andy Copping hasnt ruled them out but seems to have ruled out all the other 'headliner' suggestions ....surely it is MANOWAR ...this is what my gut is telling me....and my gut instinct is normally very reliable.....so i think efests can now add them as a rumour...make that strong rumour! edit. and note i am not a Manowar fanboy, bloody cant stand them myself!
  6. r0w

    Download 2011

    Wow - both Download and Sonisphere have a shocking set of headliners this year! I actually dont want to do either. Well looks like il just spend £200 on a trip to spain or somthin then. Download after redeeming themselves two years running after a shocking 2008 lineup....seem to have gone one step forward and 2 steps back. Wonder where Tool and Soundgarden end up next year....if at all??
  7. r0w

    Download 2011

    Friday: Tool Rob Zombie Alter Bridge Kyuss All Time Low Saturday: System Of A Down Weezer Trivium Primus InFlames Sunday: The Rolling Stones Alice Cooper The Cult Skunk Anansie The Scorpians Masters Of Reality
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