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  1. Alkaline Trio, Taking Back Sunday, The Offspring, Flogging Molly, Red City Radio, Pennywise, Goldfinger, Dropkick Murphys. Not exactly asking much 😁
  2. 6am start? Nice April Fools
  3. Are the set times usually released a couple weeks before?
  4. Other than Millencolin being above Lagwagon on the stage I think that Clashfinder looks decent and would be happy with the few clashes I'd have on the day if the times would be accurate. Fingers crossed.
  5. Even for a free festival that is truly a howling line up. I'll be passing on this one.
  6. Hoping for The Distillers.
  7. Will it definitely be an English location? I'm a bit out the loop on how they do this but sure they used to rotate between Scotland, Wales, NI as well.
  8. Happy with Tigers Jaw getting added. If I remember right stage splits last year were around April. Shaping up to be a load of clashes which is a shame.
  9. Is there a second batch of tickets going on sale? I seem to remember in the past there was another batch early in the year after the headliners are announced.
  10. You should've used Google translate while you had the chance
  11. It's pretty easy using Google Translate.
  12. Has anyone who got the Mad Cool pack with the wristband from FNAC been able to register theirs yet?
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