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  1. Lost my phone one year, went to lost property and was there. Some fab people at the G
  2. Was the crafty access to naughty corner still there?
  3. I posted a thread about this at the time but I KO'd somewhere near Gate A Thursday night and 2 girls fetched the stewards rather quickly. The stewards took me to medical and then off to Bath Hospital. Was not booze or narcotic related and I was just thankful those 2 girls got me help. The stewards were amazing and the 2 NHS dudes that whizzed me off to Bath were top drawer too. Really took time to make sure I was alright even at the hospital when I was saying get yourselves off now after alot of thank you's they stayed to make sure I was ok and looked after.
  4. I used to just stick the very top bit to the windscreen.
  5. Anyone seen anyone else with either now they are back in their hometown? I've been out before and noticed someone with one on and struck up a convo. :)
  6. If the two girls who fetched the stewards last night near gate A are on here, thank you very much. Was taken to Bath hospital with an irregular heartbeat and now being discharged. End of festival for me but the medical staff and campsite crew were amazing. God bless the NHS, was seen very quickly and taken care of.
  7. Aragorn


    Currently sat in tiny tea tent. Fire.
  8. Still some space at bushy but has filled up alot
  9. Aragorn

    Queue watch

    We arrived at gate A at 9:40am by coach. By 11am we were in
  10. Disappointed regarding Thursday. Looked like 2 days of sun. But almost certainly showers and sun now
  11. Met Office Wednesday and Thursday is sexy
  12. The UKMO is abit of a mess.
  13. Yes and the UKMO which im very keen to see
  14. The ECWMF Ensemble mean also shows a low incursion
  15. The UKMO is not great - a low over the bay of biscay and a low to the north squeeze out the high by Wednesday. Slightly worrying as this a decent model
  16. As said most of the runs on the 00z do not bring that low in as severely. One to put aside
  17. Operational was somewhat an outlier I terms of air pressure
  18. Pub run on the way lol
  19. 12z ensembles are decent. Minimal rain.
  20. And the 18z is always considered the pub run lol as it often throws up scorching in summer and snow dumpings in winter
  21. The other thing to note is its best to compare 06z with previous 06z and 12z with previous 12z etc.
  22. Need to look at the ensembles rather than 1 run. The operational could easily be an outlier
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