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  1. your message box is full was trying to pm you about Glasto resales :)

  2. Hey matey how come your PM is full :( or have you blocked me lol

  3. That's because I'm shy.......and a tad younger than you. I'm a spritley 93. :)

  4. Hi. :)

    104 years old? It seems like we are of a similar generation.

  5. Hey Mr Bizarre loving your tent where did you get it ?

  6. One of my brothers has given me a finepix fuji 10x, is this any good.

    Hello btw ;)

  7. Peachy

    f**k me, it's cold brrrrrr

    Um, I've just been blindly typing on another keyboard and wondering why nothings coming out but eventually I found the right keyboard, so at least I've achieved something (stops for quick fag break after all that exercise). My house is at the freezing point of nitrogen (63K in case you're interested) and my fingers have just broken off but I will continue to type with my stubs,why?, because you deserve to be this bored. Have just returned from Bonnie! Scotland, the enigma of the tartan mafia has been Damascian after sitting in a caravan with rain bleaching every window. Anyway, enough of non-pc talk more about ending a relationship.Why is it that you can love someone and still have nothing to say to them? Maybe it's just me , maybe I'm insensitive or maybe I should just go to bed but I still think that a lot of people endure crap times without even questioning it. Mmmm, some people should not be allowed alcohol, will post something more relevant to a blog when I is sober
  8. Apologies to any Estonians who,bizarrely, might be reading this (OK so the chances are pretty remote that anyones reading this ) Anyway I may have given the impression from my drunken posting that I was in Russia when Im um here. Anyway, leaving Oteppä today to go to Parnu. Went to Tartu yesterday its avery pretty uni town on a river with eighties music blasting out of every cafe, in fact anywhere you go here you can listen to Phil Collins and Simply Red's full repetoire lets soft rock. Just had a back massage, herbal bath and paraffin feet thingy all included in the £35 a night price tag with full board. Mind you my request for vegetarian food was greeted with the suspicion normally reserved for suspected rabies carriers, and then ignored, so Im mainly surviving on boiled potatoes, beetroot and vodka. Of to Parnu( a seaside resort but I aint going swimming in the Baltic at this time of year) for two nights then on to Tallin for a night before going home. Just going to get a few pictures of the lake before we leave which I might post if they come out
  9. Peachy


    Bloody hell its saturday night I cant see the f**kin key board and Im wasted in the Baltics . Anyway ex-husband is down painting the house, ex-fiancee is eating dog and Ive been drinking rather a lot of vodka and Im staying in a spa hotel with a whiff of Stalin about it. They like their lakes the Ruski lot. Went through a vllage today and was accosted by a ginger bloke, never mind got chatted up by the band at the stalin hotel. time for ironic corrugatiiion tomorrow
  10. Peachy

    Another one bites the dust

    Have just officially ended my nearly three year engagement and he's moving out today.Still not sure if he's taking Lola (our cat not the transvestite) as he's staying at my sisters' and bother-in-laws' house for a bit until he gets a flat. sob, sob, sob. On a lighter note I'm off to Estonia next week and staying in a spa hotel for part of it, will have to drown my sorrow in vodka albeit Estonian gutrot stuff NB I refuse to type anything else about the Ws or their propensity for attracting fat birds in purple dress as it keeps crashing my puter
  11. Peachy


    Working in a shop for the day which is crap enough in itself. Just wrote a whole rambling piece, someone came in and bought a plant and I lost everything just as I was typing in about Wiccans Will write more drivel when I'm not pissed off Cheers Paul
  12. Peachy

    Well I'll be Folcked

    Oooooh, well hello there anyway just got back on th internet after a few years abs(tin)ence and apparently some people like to read about other peoples daily lives. Had a few glasses of wine and found this. might as well start with my weekend . Just come through the joy that is the Swanage folk festival http://www.swanagefolkfestival.co.uk/. Started Friday night with watching a band called Jambu who halfway through my pissed state I realised I knew the female singer (no, not in that way ) spent the rest of the evening down the Anchor with me mate Lou and her dancing to the High town crows(aka the dead plants when the've another bloke with them) both bands are worth checking out if you get the chance and like to dance madly when pissed. Went to bed at 5 and woke up with a bitch of a hangover, missed the parade and realised I'd agreed to usherette the night before for the five hour Idle Joe one night festi thing at the local theatre. Stumbled into work at 5.30 aided by the lovly ****** she who is twinned with Medusa.Had an hour bithchfest with her before the music started, there were five bands in all, mainly local doi it fer charidy and it started off with a nice acoustic set by......Umm sorry have to cut off here as my now ex-fiance has just come in to have a rumble at me. Anway more of that later, willl continue with my ramblings soon. Briget Jones Homage Fags black lungs worth Alcohol liver damage quantities Men er not at the moment thankeee