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  1. I'm waiting on approval from redstar for the group ;)

    Met up with a few at the efest camp this year at rockness, and look forward to sharing a few beers/ciders with you guys at wickerman. (although the food topics previously posted do sound well scrummy :lol: )

    Paul I'm sure we met up at TITP 3-4 years ago in campervan area.

  2. was good to meet you honest john.

    did you get round to the efest camp ? we never made it :D

    sorry never ventured round to your van, just seemed to run out time to do anything i had planned.

    quietly confident that we will all be back next year, so cya then :D

  3. wouldnt worry about it m8 - you could quite honestly have had an O2 mobile at time of purchase and now on another network. Out of the four of us going, only one of us used the O2 promo and he's the only one without an O2 mobile :lol:

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