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  1. Keef


    Watching Arcade Fire and Kaiser Chiefs on TV and is it me or are there fewer flags in front of the stages this year? I know John Peel doesn't suffer as much as the pyramid but both seem to be much more visible from the low cameras behind the crowd.
  2. Keef

    Mumford & Sons

    Probably a bit late for those already there but I have it on very good authority (one of their stage crew) that Mumford & Sons are playing a super special secret gig at 'a small stage' tomorrow afternoon. Unfortunately I don't know where or when, but are there any special guest slots unaccounted for?
  3. Yeah, should have remembered to take the UV filter off the lens...
  4. I have, at last, sorted out my photos from this year's festival, full gallery can be found here: Clicky! Not as many good ones as I have captured in the past, but here are some of my favourites:
  5. Just found this little gem deep in the archives of my hard drive. From 2002 I think.
  6. I think this too. Here you go: That's my mate Darren looking at the camera and the back of my head to his right!
  7. hiitsjonny@hotmail.co.uk :D Cheers bud!

  8. Hi mate, photo's no problem - what's your email address?

  9. Sorry, couldnt help stumble accross your incredible coldplay pic and would be rather grateful if you would be able to send it my way? Promise it will sit pride of place on my desktop!

  10. hi my email is jenandwill@ntlworld.com thanks. (for the coldplay pic)

  11. Saw plenty of these:
  12. Hang on - that shadow doesn't match the man! Look at the hands of the shadow compared to his hands. Or is that his act? He can move faster than light!
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