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  1. fair point.. 😄 there are exceptional biblical ones. Was Standon Calling a particular muddy mess?
  2. nice work. literally spotted that when I refreshed 5 mins ago. 👍 Not long to go! Settlers.. keep sending those pics... you're making our Monday mornings very tolerable here. As for the weather.. it seems that it looks as though intermittent light rain is on the cards which will obviously make ground slippy/soft enough but not a complete washout it seems. The countryfile weather was interesting yesterday in that they can't predict exactly what will happen as low and high pressure are on an even playing field it seems. I'm sure the picture will be clearer later today/tomorrow. Hopefully that high pressure dominance on Monday will creep in earlier on the Sunday. Either way.. it's great being back in a field with great music and vibes.. Can't recall a festival ever been ruined by a bit of rain.
  3. Thanks for the info. Good to hear. Actually got a DM back from green man on Twitter in the last couple of hours and they confirmed they accept via the QR code on cert. Happy Days! See you folk in Crickhowell!
  4. Thanks @GETOFFAMYLAWNand @slumberjack. I'll try to get some sort of confirmation before we arrive.
  5. Hello fellow Green Man folk. A pleasure to be posting to a festival forum again! Apologies if something posted already but I'm part of a double vaccinated small party coming from Ireland for the festival. The only thing we're worried about is the NHS proof of vaccination which is obviously not a thing in Ireland. We will have our EU Digital Covid Certificate as proof of vaccination which is used for EU state members to travel freely across the EU. I'm wondering if this will be acceptable for proof of entry? Anybody else in a similar position? I can't see anything on the green man site about international attendees.
  6. Not as exotic as earlier posts but traveling over from Ireland on the ferry First glastonbury since 2014. It does not feel like 5 years ago
  7. Arriving at car park hopefully after a nights stay in wells
  8. same here.. nicely seemless to An Post site
  9. markussnoopy


    probably an elaborate rain jacket.. oh dear god i need to wean myself off this camera. Any Glasto Anonymous group sessions anybody can reccomend? (maybe I'm already here)
  10. markussnoopy


    A shot of the lads putting it up in the rain earlier..
  11. Just got a dispatch email for delivery to Ireland.. it's on folks!
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