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  1. Yeah I know I'm very lucky. They first put me on 7-night shifts, then 8-day shifts, then out of nowhere it suddenly changed to these alternating ones! Couldn't believe my luck so very quickly confirmed it and downloaded my pass haha
  2. Awesome, my fears are allayed!
  3. Hey everybody! So I signed up to DC Site Services yesterday and they've put me in the "Crossing Werewolf" team. Anyone else doing crossings? The thing is the *only* reason I'm going to Glasto this year is to see Radiohead, and the Werewolf team says that Friday is a 'late shift', which I'm worried might clash. First, does anyone who's done this in the past know what the shift times actually are (there are early, late and night shifts listed, 8 hours each)? Secondly, if it looks like that late shift will clash with Radiohead, is there anyone on "Crossing Dwarf" who'd like to swap, either entire shift pattern or just a single shift, or even just a couple of hours? It might make it easier to cover if we already have it sorted before we arrive! Feel free to PM me if so. Anyway, feeling relieved that I'm going now in some capacity at least. See you at the cider truck! (If my shift allows)
  4. Back to Event Not Found for me now
  5. Ah you legend! I'd forgotten there were even two different sites, as both look the same. I just registered on the staff site and applied with my deposit - here's hoping it comes through!
  6. Looks like DC Site Services have closed applications for Glastonbury already. I only just finished filling out my details!
  7. I'm only looking for one, so I'll get practising to pancakeroll deep!
  8. Please do! (Are you still looking for tickets for yourself then?)
  9. Me too please if they suddenly stumble across a box full of more tickets
  10. Ah found it, it's [for some reason it's redacted their name, must be the same thing happened when you posted it, just search "glastonbury marquee" on Twitter you'll find it]. 'Previous Experience Essential' though. Only the second time today I've cursed my choice of career then! My friend told me earlier he could get me in if I was a sound engineer :'(
  11. Who have tweeted? Sorry trying to find it but not sure where to look!
  12. Well I hope efestivals give me a refund for my time in waiting this long
  13. No one wants to be the one to tip it over the edge, huh?
  14. Now isn't the time to sign off for the night, surely?
  15. Wow, I didn't even think about it like that - very good point!
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