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  1. Hi, if you're still trying to sort transport back to Brum after the festival we may have 2 coach tickets going spare, 9am departure.
  2. I'd echo what cheesey_toastie has said above but if it helps put your mind at ease further we're on the 9am coach and I don't have it from the horse's mouth but apparently there's a 4am one too.
  3. Ok so this might be a stupid question but I need my mind putting to rest . . . We booked as a group of 6 on the same order, are we guaranteed to be on the same coach even if we all pay our balances separately?
  4. You get to choose whether you want a Wednesday or Thursday departure but you can only choose you departure time from London I believe. For all other departure points you just get given your departure time.
  5. Has Bec Hill been pulled from the line up or am I just being blind? Can't see her name anywhere on the laminates. Gutted if so, was the highlight of the comedy line up for me.
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