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  1. Hi, if you're still trying to sort transport back to Brum after the festival we may have 2 coach tickets going spare, 9am departure.
  2. I'd echo what cheesey_toastie has said above but if it helps put your mind at ease further we're on the 9am coach and I don't have it from the horse's mouth but apparently there's a 4am one too.
  3. Much ado about noThingy
  4. Ok so this might be a stupid question but I need my mind putting to rest . . . We booked as a group of 6 on the same order, are we guaranteed to be on the same coach even if we all pay our balances separately?
  5. You get to choose whether you want a Wednesday or Thursday departure but you can only choose you departure time from London I believe. For all other departure points you just get given your departure time.
  6. Has Bec Hill been pulled from the line up or am I just being blind? Can't see her name anywhere on the laminates. Gutted if so, was the highlight of the comedy line up for me.
  7. Flaming lips ticket for Brum next month just purchased via your ticketline link
  8. Midgery-doo-daa


    Great video, respect to all the volunteer litter pickers, this really shows what a great job they do!
  9. Thanks for the heads up dude! Just got myself 2 tickets for Birmingham. With me potentially seeing them at Glastonbury I'd been debating whether to go to this or not but finding out PSB are the support and all for £25, no brainer really. Plus, if the Lips do end up as part of the likely Friday night omniclash, i'll know I've got this left in my locker.
  10. Midgery-doo-daa


    Tricketts Bar - Best views on site and a really good selection of local brews
  11. Rafiki's cuisine - the craziest, silliest "pub quiz" you'll ever do! It's an absolute blast, perfect Glastonbury prep. It's on every Tuesday at the dark horse pub in Moseley (about 10mins from city centre)
  12. Apparently it's Hill street, the megabus stop. I'm booked on the same coach on Monday morning. Already made my peace with the fact that it just ain't gonna happen.
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