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  1. I feel the same about Coldplay as I do about U2. Which is to say, I'm not really a fan of either band (except U2 up until 1992), but both get more stick for trying to go in the right direction with a lot of things than bands who just, well, tour without any mention of that. (I'm not justifying the U2 tax thing when I say that, obviously, although I bet a lot of bands have done similar)
  2. I've seen it in the Facebook comments underneath the Glastonbury Festival post, and one that 6Music put up too.
  3. I'm a 48 year old man and have to say, the boomer outrage over this has been hilarious.
  4. Perfect Glastonbury Festival weather for the opening weekend. 🙂
  5. Looking around the Internet today, it's good to see that the "YOU HAVE RUINED MY LIFE" mob seem to have quietened down. I hope everyone enjoyed it when they finally got to see it and that the refund takeup is low.
  6. Is it OK if he does slow ones, provided they're well-known slow ones? I've really enjoyed his set.
  7. There you go, a Blur song. Everyone stop bloody moaning.
  8. I had two choices for what stream to watch tonight and am now very glad I went with the one that isn't this...
  9. In terms of how it looks at home, there's no difference between whether it was all live or not (other than it's likely to run a lot smoother). Agree about your on demand point though.
  10. Enjoying all the "It's not live!" moaning, which has happened with a few livestreams recently. What were people expecting, a big event on the night and for them to expect nobody to try and sneak in? Plus all the risk of adverse weather and tech issues. It'll be far better this way (says he who hasn't got a ticket as he'll be watching something else). What difference does it make to the viewer?
  11. I've gotten back to Bristol at 4am after a couple of Millennium Stadium gigs. I've gotten a hotel since. 🙂
  12. As much as an event would be nice, I definitely share that doubt. When you see what happens with about 100000 leaving at various times between Sunday afternoon and Monday afternoon (everywhere local is basically blocked for 24 hours), the thought of 50000 people leaving all at once sounds like a lot.
  13. I decided I couldn't justify the expense in the end, which is a shame as I'd love to have gone. The scout tents aren't bad value but that's a fairly standard camping experience at a premium price, whereas going up to the bell tent... I can have an actual holiday for that money.
  14. True, but (assuming you work Monday to Friday), wouldn't a Thursday to Monday stay require only the same amount of annual leave?
  15. The only thing I'd say - and I'm not complaining, I'm highly tempted to go - is that the one thing I never enjoy at Glastonbury is the long haul of my camping gear, and at glamping prices you might have expected not to do that. Obviously I'm not planning to bring the kitchen sink, and you don't have to worry about a tent. But anyway, I hope it does really well and I'm thinking about going.
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