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  1. Cool thanks, that's what I'm hoping 🙂
  2. I'm looking to get in and set-up on Wednesday morning, and will be on my own so am going to have to go back to the car for some other bits. Once I have the wristband and pass-out, do you need to join the big queue, or just walk past to the re-entry gate? What's the general consensus?
  3. These look great. May see if there are any good quality ones secondhand.
  4. I think this is the best suggestion so far 😂
  5. This will my first Glastonbury after a 6 year gap and in that time I now have a 4 year old and an 18 month old. So does anyone have any tips and hints about how to do Glasto with smaller children? (Especially when it's a muddy year!)
  6. Really interesting replies. I guess the explosion in Social Media has had an insurmountable effect on the popularity of the festival. Thanks for all the comments ☺
  7. We all know that Glastonbury is the best festival in the world but what has happened in the last 10 years that has made it near impossible to purchase tickets? In 2009 it took 4 months for tickets to sell out, yesterday was just half an hour. We all had broadband 10 years ago, the registration scheme was in place yet there wasn't the instant demand that there now is. Would love to know your thoughts.
  8. I didn't even manage to get to the holding page this year. Every refresh was Page Not Found, or Server Overload. Ah well, roll on April resale
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