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  1. musky

    Unique IPs on T day

    I was thinking you could hammer the site 60 times in one second, detect when it was blocked and then hammer away once the block was lifted. It could submit many more attempts over a minute that way. But actually you’re right, there’s no need to detect when you’ve been blocked as you know that’s going to happen after 60 rapid attempts anyway.
  2. musky

    Unique IPs on T day

    That just allows someone to devise an app that will circumvent the block. The reason this was rolled out in the first place was because of the GlastoApp designed to hammer the site on ticket day.
  3. musky

    Unique IPs on T day

    Did you not get a ticket either? Lots of regulars missing out this year.
  4. What a fantastic heartfelt post. You have indeed made many friends here, and I feel sure you will be on the farm next Summer.
  5. I feel exactly the same. That moment when you get through the gates is one of the best things about the whole weekend. It’s like everything is suddenly alright with the world. Another thing I’ve found is that it makes me want to be a better person for the rest of the year. I don’t always remember that, but it’s something I aspire to.
  6. Likewise. To be fair anyone asking for help is probably going to wait until they’ve received a confirmation email, which could well be after the sale has ended.
  7. I’ve tried getting tickets for a random poster before and managed to enter their details only to find their registrations had already been used. Nobody ever seems to edit their plea for help to say they’ve been successful, which is a shame as I could have been helping someone else.
  8. They’re doing a ballot for 50 pairs of tickets this year. Another chance, so better than nothing.
  9. Ah yes. It’s just me being a bit dense.
  10. Only 5 tickets this year? Or did that mean 5 tickets plus the lead booker?
  11. Yeah, I’m gutted. Not sure a better way is needed though. They sold all the tickets in the usual time without the site falling over. It’s just that we didn’t get any.
  12. Getting server overloaded messages.
  13. Fingers crossed. Best of luck everyone!
  14. Conversely, the last time I remember being camped near people from Liverpool was 2000. But yes, it’s could well be that more try, or that they tend to have larger groups of friends. Who knows. We can be sure it’s not server location though.
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