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  1. It’s not a massive display to be honest - even a modest local Bonfire Night is way more spectacular. I’m sure security is a source of some of the people getting in without a ticket, but the industrial scale of smuggling people in that happened a few years ago has been clamped down on. Most of the comments here have been about other crew getting people in. It’s something that has always gone on, but the suggestion is that cost cutting and the bad feeling caused by it has led to an increase in the numbers getting in this way.
  2. Maybe it wasn’t, but the security always seem to say that regardless.
  3. No worries. Ultimately the gate keepers are those with the info, who have to decide how much to share and who to share it with. No harm in asking for a DM though. 🙂
  4. Gate-keepers? Seriously?
  5. musky

    BBC Coverage 2022

    Yeah, like Punksnotdead says they get shown on the highlight shows. Though thinking about it I’ve got stuff recorded from previous years where the info section just says ‘Sets by *whatever bands*’ but there’s also been plenty of coverage of various areas of the festival.
  6. musky

    BBC Coverage 2022

    The rest of the festival is only covered as little segments of walkabouts - this is Block Nine, the Circus, etc. They only include short snapshots of any bands that happen to be playing. Really I’d like to see far more of this stuff. I appreciate it’s not really possible for them to cover full sets of bands without it looking like the output of some random YouTube blogger, but a few more small crews trying to catch more of the true nature of the festival would be appreciated. Though the Mail would just winge about the extra staff.
  7. musky


    The provision of toilets is legislated for, and I don’t recall the MDC annual report on the festival flagging this as an issue. Unlike people peeing on the land. Probably best to bear in mind that certain times and places are likely to get busy and try to take that into account. It’s not really feasible to provide the number of extra toilets to cater for relatively short periods of peak demand.
  8. I should imagine that the first thing that happens is MDC prevent it going ahead for breach of the licensing conditions.
  9. I should have known better than to get involved in anything Eurovision. 😆
  10. ‘Stupid put on voice’ is just about every singer everywhere. Do you think they all talk like that?
  11. They’re opening the JP on Saturday. Do they have other sets planned then?
  12. Not so much nailed on as riveted.
  13. It wouldn’t be the first time the BBC have messed up with the lineup. I think it was 2015 they added Green Day to a list of bands playing, before quickly removing it. Didn’t stop a rash of speculation that they were actually going to be appearing, rather than someone simply making a mistake.
  14. I think Stu knows that, as I’m guessing it was him who made the tweet. 🙂
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