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  1. suzie_danger_girl

    ...could it be?

    Hope it's not that dude, fingers crossed it just turns out to be a 'hobbie induced' paranoia and some kinda virus.
  2. suzie_danger_girl


    I'm also feeling the fear...... Although, and maybe it's the angle you understand, there is a slight look of 'pixie' about you on the photo. So you're kinda like a scary pixie
  3. suzie_danger_girl

    Modern Life Is Rubbish

    Ah, the fatal error. You gave work your number. I managed to work for this company for four and a half years beofre they had a number for me! Even now if they rang it I would just hang up and send it to voicemail when I see the number. They don't even ring me when I'm 'working from home', or even when I'm out and about for the company, which is often, as I make it VERY clear, if I'm not about and someone asks a question, it can wait. They need to give me another 5k before I start giving a toss about work when I'm not there You get what you pay for.
  4. suzie_danger_girl

    Black smoke!

    Ha ha, no bless you, but I'm not allergic to grass, I have a really bad allergic reaction to burning f*cking plastic! They're anti-inflamitory anyway, so will reduce any irritation like this (I'm told). Try it, you might like it!
  5. suzie_danger_girl

    Black smoke!

    I'm not down wit' the kids as usual It always makes me laugh at festies 'yay, greenpeace', followed by 'yay, throw your sh*t on the floor' and 'yay, burn plastic'. W*ankers. I have to take a massive handful of alergy pills, which I don't even use the rest of the year! But saying that, why is it that only Glasto has decent bins and seating, and why don't more adopt the Guilfest idea of 'hippo bag' type thingy's in the crown to put your sh*t in? *slopes off feeling like an aging, preachy hippy t*at as usual*
  6. suzie_danger_girl

    Thursday stuff.

    Yet further proof that danger boy and I are heartless c*nts, we sat there in silence for a time, then I said 'are you thinking about bacon butties?'. We both agreed with my long standing motto 'happy animals taste better'. Mmmm, why did I say bacon? I'm off again.
  7. suzie_danger_girl

    Black smoke!

    PMSL as I sit here, sipping a honey and lemon, quaffing paracetamol. You have given a name to my pain, and the name is... batman. Ooops no, got carried away there, 'Reading Flu'. I thought it was just me that got firemans lung, blocked nose, sore eyes, aches and pains. Plastic burning mo-fo's Pass the hot water bottle
  8. suzie_danger_girl


    Christ, you must have been about next to me. Like the piccy:-)
  9. suzie_danger_girl

    Reading 2006

  10. suzie_danger_girl


    Oh dear, I've been off on planet selfish old cow and missed this one, sorry to hear that mate. Hope you get something soon. If it's any consolation whenever I've had this happen / seen it happen to others they'e always ended up better off in the end, and if you get something soon you can choose to use some of that redundancy money to have a few weeks with your nipper, and use the rest for something handy. Good luck!
  11. suzie_danger_girl

    eFestivals myspace

    I'm glad you said that, I thought I was f*cking thick or something. Well ok, I am a bit think. But not THAT thick, and I thought it was cack as well.
  12. suzie_danger_girl

    A blog entry

    Yeah! I made danger boy drive along that road, navigating out of central italy (somewhere just south of florance) over the hills using only the power of my guessing skills and a compass. When we hit the sea we turned right, and then kept going till mont blanc, then on up through France and ferry back. It was flipping lovely that area, the road was a real treat. You lucky b*stard, it's really really nice. Hope you will bore us with a slide-show when you come back, hee hee Edited to add:- the underage drinking explains a lot dude
  13. suzie_danger_girl

    Don't leave me like this.....

    Men NEVER run away from a girl with big breasts. EVER. You don't seem too terminally damaged to me. Not hitting on your or owt. I claim I'm 'creative' now, perhaps you could get away with that?
  14. suzie_danger_girl

    Don't leave me like this.....

    I always kinda assumed you are a bit of a nutter. Is that bad? I didn't think it was. Surely if you have that many male friends you know that they don't care if you're a nutter as long as you have big t*ts? I wouldn't worry about it
  15. suzie_danger_girl

    Life in tents!

    Wouldn't worry about the bomb thing. We used to live on the same street as the naval base, and we got it all the time. I was walking down the street once to the pub (admittedly all in black), and I thought 'funny, the street's a bit quiet'. Then I heard a pig on the street behind me tell someone 'No, you'll have to go around, the street's been courdened off for a bomb alert'. I was like, 'ta very much love', but since I was alread past the 'courden' carried on to the pub instead of a long walk round. We used to take bets on if it would blow the windows out if the thinkg did blow up, I thought it would not due to the direction the blast wave would be. It didn't go off, so no-one won the fiver. Used to have a laugh about the guards with the big guns though when coming back from a night out. Then the next day you'd wake up and think 'Is it really good to tease a man with a big gun when you're very drunk?' Have a good one man. If you see a cute little blonde lass, about 5foot 1 who kind of resembles a pixie on the Swindon coach that's my little sister. She actually lives right by Reading West station, but I could only get her a coach ticket, ha ha ha! So she has to go away from the festival to come back and get her ticket! Feel free to scare her by saying 'hi Linds' I'll be about in the same spot as on my avatar, with my feet up. Say hi!