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  1. Foo Fighters were due to be in Europe right now with no UK dates and Download still didn’t get them. Can’t see it for next year
  2. Foo Fighters posted this on Friday Perhaps suggests them as Lolla Berlin headliners. That could potentially make them the big act that Rock En Seine are also announcing. Would open things right up again for Reading & Sziget where they played last year.
  3. I don’t think it really changes things, album was always likely to be first half of the year and they’re playing Euro festivals in August so I think they’re a strong favourite for R&L.
  4. I don’t buy that an announcement video leaked, then they went back and made a 2nd draft and that leaked too. Does anyone have any source for the video at all?
  5. That doesn’t make sense given that Coachella isn’t promoted by Live Nation but MCR’s UK shows are. I think the reality is that no massive acts are touring Europe in August and so festivals are struggling to find headliners. The Sziget promoter has came out and said as much in an interview.
  6. Wasn’t that before the info last night that RHCP have now announced all their 2020 dates?
  7. I think they may be holding off until after the MCR dates are announced. A lot of people are expecting MCR for R&L so letting them announce their only UK show elsewhere will reduce the shit storm when the R&L line up is announced. Download did something similar with the GNR stadium shows the other year.
  8. The whole thing seems odd to me. That Alex guy is suggesting they pulled out because they weren’t being billed as a headliner but all the rumours since day 1 have suggested they weren’t headlining. That even pre-dates the RATM reunion. If it was genuinely an argument about their place on the bill I can’t understand why it’s only happened in the last 2 days.
  9. Kendrick didn’t need Panic to prop him up, Post Malone didn’t need TOP, they still happened. I think we should stop looking at the co-headline as propping up a weak headliner at this point. Other than some comments last year that they wanted to come back to Europe, is there anything to suggest Blink will be touring in the summer? Specifically in August? I feel like it’s just going to be Travis/BMTH, LG, Biffy.
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