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  1. The main riff in that song is probably heavier than anything Kiss have ever done but nobody every debates if they’re too pop to headline.
  2. Since winning Eurovision they’ve had 3 different songs in the UK charts, the last 2 both in the top 10. They also currently have the 4th most streamed song in the world on Spotify (and the 15th). Id say the majority of the Reading and Leeds audience would be fully aware of them at this point.
  3. They’re literally in Europe next June, doing the festival circuit and not playing either of those festivals. Their European tour starts literally 3 days after Download finishes (and Nova Rock and Sweden Rock) so it’s not like they’re in Europe at the end of summer and it wouldn’t have worked with their schedule. I do think they have a decent chance of coming back in 2023 but the logic of “they’re playing European festivals in June 2022 so therefore they’re nailed on to play other European festivals in June 2023” doesn’t stack up to me.
  4. Good idea, poor execution. Feeder were never a festival headliner and Download putting them in that slot was destined to fail. If they would have gone all out for someone like Muse or Foo Fighters instead with a QOTSA or Placebo as a sub it probably would have been much more successful. As it was it’s just another piece of evidence Andy Copping can point to and say “see the fans don’t want anything different”
  5. It’s for 2022, they have their stadium dates rearranged for that summer. The likes of GNR, Biffy and Green Day likely fall into the same bucket as they’re already confirmed elsewhere for next summer
  6. For me Download had the right idea with the Biffy day last time but the execution was poor and if it was my choice I’d try the same style of day again but with bigger bands and see if it works. With Reading moving more and more away from rock music there is definitely an audience out there that aren’t being served by any major festivals. If Download really committed to it they could grab that audience but history suggests they’ll make a half hearted attempt at it and then revert back to their safe choices when they see any backlash.
  7. I really hope so, works better for all involved with KoRn before Maiden and a rock band before Biffy but they were happy to have Gojira and Deftones before Biffy in 2021 so who knows. If Download aren’t willing to try something fresh then Offspring would be a good shout; Biffy / Offspring / Frank Carter / Rise Against Looks good to me
  8. Volbeat are at Nova Rock on the Saturday. I wouldn’t bet against; KISS / Deftones / Frank Carter / Black Veil Brides Maiden / FFDP / Gojira / Pretty Reckless Biffy / KoRn / Volbeat / Rise Against It’s just about stupid and counterproductive enough to be believable
  9. I’m not sure Black Label will get 4th on the bill, they’ve specifically separated Pretty Reckless and Rise Against out from the pack so I doubt BLS will get the same slot as them. I expect Black Veil Brides to get the final 4th on the bill slot with BLS dropping to 5th. Probably means you lose Code Orange from your prediction with maybe Monster Truck shifting into that slot on the Biffy day.
  10. Foo Fighters were due to be in Europe right now with no UK dates and Download still didn’t get them. Can’t see it for next year
  11. Foo Fighters posted this on Friday Perhaps suggests them as Lolla Berlin headliners. That could potentially make them the big act that Rock En Seine are also announcing. Would open things right up again for Reading & Sziget where they played last year.
  12. I don’t think it really changes things, album was always likely to be first half of the year and they’re playing Euro festivals in August so I think they’re a strong favourite for R&L.
  13. I don’t buy that an announcement video leaked, then they went back and made a 2nd draft and that leaked too. Does anyone have any source for the video at all?
  14. That doesn’t make sense given that Coachella isn’t promoted by Live Nation but MCR’s UK shows are. I think the reality is that no massive acts are touring Europe in August and so festivals are struggling to find headliners. The Sziget promoter has came out and said as much in an interview.
  15. Wasn’t that before the info last night that RHCP have now announced all their 2020 dates?
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