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  1. Just got up. Need to chuck our stuff in the car, and we're away. Whoo Hoo!
  2. We booked out tix through Seetickets and they arrived on November 25th. Hope it works out ok for those who haven't received theirs yet.
  3. Well our tickets have arrived, and not long to go now. I'm slightly disturbed that we have to fill in an insurance disclaimer document with credit / debit card details on it.
  4. I sent an email to DMH via their website. Currently waiting for a reply.
  5. I'm a bit late joining the debate, but here we go! BEST BITS: Meeting all you lovely efesters: Andy Black, Ed Leaf, LLCoolPhil, Kaybee, Saintupnorth, Neil, Kerplunk, Leprekorn and Michala, the eternally lovely Niblets and anyone else I may have forgotten! Our niece - her first festival and she loved it! Especially Diana Vickers and Tynchy! Thanks to Ian, Michala, Scott and Janine for spending time with her and making sure she enjoyed herself. Niblet's Skittles Vodka and pre-mixed Godfather. Music: The Go! Team, Turin Brakes, Teenage Fanclub, Mumfords, El Pussycat and Neville, By The River. My big moans: 1) The missing pound! I forgot to ask for it when I picked my tickets up, and certainly wasn't offered it! A friend told me that he had been informed by someone at ticket pickup that they had been instructed not to offer it unless someone specifically asked for it. If that is true it's despicable and DMH should know better! Can we expect that all the £1's they saved will be donated to charity? 2) Regents Camping. Very poor stewarding. When we arrived on Thursday we were denied the opportunity to drive down to the drop off point. We were told to go to Victoria and either carry our stuff down, or use the rickshaws! Bearing in mind that people in family camping are liable to have more stuff, it was a ludicrous suggestion. We had to park illegally and unload our gear, then move it from just inside the gates to our chosen pitch. We weren't alone in this, we saw people with very young children also having to do the same as us. Of course this coincided with the awful weather and we got soaked. THEN we saw that they had started letting people drive onsite to unload! This needs to be sorted out for next year. Ken would have been pragmatic enough to orgaise things properly, not just stand there helplessly and let everything get out of hand! We also didn't like the fact that the 'back door' entrance was closed this year. I was told this was due to a request by the Fire Brigade. Is this true, or just an excuse to use less stewards by blocking off an entrance / exit? Anyway, grumbling over, all in all, we had a marvellous time, and hope it's back on next year!
  6. Plenty of kebab shops / chippies / pizza places on London Road too. Unless your body is a temple, in which case I can't help you!
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