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  1. Congratulations Gramps on a gorgeous granddaughter :-)
  2. Px.

    cornbury 2010

    Circus antics Arian lads
  3. My son came home from hospital after successfully having two tumours removed. Best Mothers Day present I could ask for. He has been amazing and taken it all in his stride. And as a 13 year old is most happy about no school til after Easter Happy Mothers day to all other efest mums.
  4. Px.

    Waves to Rachie. Hey honey how you doin'. Hope you enjoying your babbies. Mine have hit the teens and GCSEs hope I survive never mind them :-)

  5. Trapdoor! Loved it. :-)

  6. Px.

    A face fit for curls, you go for it girl!!!

  7. So, have you taken up that modellin' career yet. Believe I mentioned it circa. Manc. 2006. Hope studies going well and you keeping some pennies saved for festie season. Px. xxx.

  8. Oi shouldn't you be refereeing a 24 page topic you started? Anyhoos hows the harem these days?x. And can you please explain was the delectable Guy what he thought he was or not!!

  9. Px.

    Happy 25th, the best birthday ever. X.

  10. Oh where, oh where did Cultseeker go.

    Oh where, oh where went he,

    I looked up Efests, I looked down Efests.

    In Totalintarianism wos 'e.

  11. Finally worked out this friends things (and sober too) shocking. Hope you all well and up for some summer festivaling fun.

  12. Px.

    internet archive

    Remembered a thread of nostalgia that had a link to the old sites dont know if it goes far back enough old Glasto Efests
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