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  1. I know I have an interest, but Rhythm Festival at Clapham is very mellow.... http://www.rhythmfestival.com Cheers, Jim (Rhythm Festival organiser!) ;-)
  2. rhythm2006

    Help re ticket!

    I'd be wary. I have a guest pass and the ones I've seen come in the form of a ticket thingy with holograms on. Also any jerk who sells a guest ticket (which he got for free) for £250 can't be trusted.
  3. Ten thousand expected for Gandalf Murphy & The Slambovian Circus of Dreams at the Acoustic Stage on Saturday at 3pm. What's all the fuss about? http://www.slambovia.com
  4. Just a quick post to let you know that the luxury loos at Rhythm Festival just got more luxurious. And the showers just got HOTTER and there's more of them! We are paying almost double the cost of last year to make the "facilities" at Rhythm Festival 2010 even better. Gone are the terrible green cubicles… in their place luxury flushing loos! (The site already has 25 permanent flush loos and we're hiring in more). For campers, we have increased the number of showers by 50% (split between the two campsites) – and we've upgraded them as well. Provided everyone doesn't expect a hot shower at exactly 8.03 every morning, we should cope! We may not be Glastonbury, but we do like our luxuries!
  5. Here's some advice from a festival promoter (all booked up for 2010, sorry!) that should help every band wanting to play the festivals. It should greatly increase your chances of success: 1. Always check out the festival's website first. See what kind of bands they are booking. Although Rhythm Festival isn't really a metal stronghold, I get dozens of submissions from goth-metallers, heavy-metallers and the like. All of them are wasting their time, their postage and their resources. 2. Try and find out the organiser's name. Contact him or her personally. Never send a "Dear Sir or Madam" letter – even ironically. And never send out a fishing email to dozens of festivals at once (or at least don't let it be obvious). There's plenty of software out there that can personalise emails. 3. Don't send any emails of the "Could you please tell me how I go about playing at your festival" type, especially if that information is freely available on the website. No one will answer it. Rhythm Festival is fairly small but we get something like 50-100 emails each and every day from bands wanting to play. If I answered every one I'd do nothing else. 4. When you contact the festival, tell them what's in it for them. Why should they book you as opposed to one of the hundreds of other acts knocking on their doors? One surefire way to get their attention is to say you can help them sell tickets. Think about ways you can actually help them promote their festival – distribute leaflets, stick up posters and so on. Being the best band in the world may not be enough. 5. Try and find a local angle. Every festival wants to feature local acts. Er that's it. Good luck. cheers jim http://www.rhythmfestival.com
  6. Rhythm Festival has now announced most of its headliners (still one more to come - a biggie - who will be announced in May) and we've already sold 25% of the tickets. Only 3,500 to go before it's a sell-out. I thought you'd like to know - and I'd hate to see you left out in the cold. www.rhythmfestival.com cheers Jim
  7. Happy to announce that we only have 562 weekend tickets left to sell and a couple of hundred day tickets for each day (only 158 on Saturday)... Get them while you can! Weather forecast looking great... www.rhythmfestival.net
  8. Just a short, shameless promotional post to let you know that we starting to run low on tickets for Rhythm Festival, taking place at Twinwood Arena, Clapham, Bedfordshire over the weekend of August 21-23. Three stages, comedy, lots of real ales and ciders (plus lager and stuff) at local pub prices, solar-powered cinema, digital funfair, DJs, lots of kids' entertainment, including Panic Circus, Junior Olympics, organised football, Punch & Judy, phew there's lots!! Some camping options are running very low, so anyone with specific camping ideas in mind might want to buy them sharpish. We have less than 2,000 weekend tickets left to sell and the long-range weather forecast if "Scorchio!" Details from the website: www.rhythmfestival.com We also have a few (non-food) trading places left. There's an application form here: www.rhythmfestival.com/traders Sorry to be so blatant, but people seem to like it and I don't like to see anyone miss out!
  9. Er, I'm thinking about starting up an international diamond smuggling operation. Has anyone any ideas?
  10. Just a quicky to let people know that the (almost complete) line-up is now posted on the website... http://www.rhythmfestival.net/whatson.html ...and if anyone wants to buy an early bird ticket, you've got until midnight on Tuesday 31/03/09 before the price goes up.
  11. Unashamed plug for Rhythm Festival! www.rhythmfestival.net This year we have the Panic Circus back plus our acclaimed Junior Olympics plus lots more things I'm currently working on... it'll be the fabbest yet. My ten year-old son, Adam. and his friends are acting as "consultants". Plus under 5's go free and one "child" (5-16) allowed in free with every adult weekend ticket-holder. Early bird weekend tickets are (until 31/03/09) just £82.50 (£90 after) plus camping. Tickets: www.rhythmfestival.net/buytickets.html Now that's what I call an unashamed plug.
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