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  1. I've been sent the times for the town centre stage. Sleaford Mods are Friday and Limp Bizkit Sunday. Maybe you already knew that though, who knows. I imagine it'll all come out soon. I usually plan festivals lots but I'm quite looking forward to arriving without really knowing whats going on at my first Boomtown.
  2. There are plenty of websites which will custom make a frame to your exact dimensions for not much more money than you would pay for a standard size frame from a normal shop. I can't remember which company I used last but this one seems like it'll do the trick: http://www.ezeframe.co.uk
  3. This is a great idea. I really like it over there but I never have time to do it justice thurs-sun because of all the other stuff going on. They can't run the main stages early due to sound restrictions but I think they could open T&C earlier without any issues.
  4. I'm quite surprised by the people who are saying it was too crowded this year. I thought it was much less crowded because the lack of mud meant everyone could walk quicker. It's easy to avoid crowds - just see stuff on stages that aren't the pyramid or other and use the railway track to get around whenever possible. I thought the SE corner in particular was much less busy this year which was quite a pleasant surprise. In previous years we've waited until pretty late before going but even straight after the headliners it was fine on Sunday. Having Arcadia near the park and giving the beat hotel a decent lineup seems to be working really well. More variety in the SE corner music would be good. Maybe its time to replace the unfairground with somewhere playing indie music or something. I like that the hell/truth stage seems to be moving towards heavier bands and has some live stuff on late. The gas tower was a great new venue. I didn't make it over to JP last year so checked out the woods for the first time. It's nice that there's more stuff to do around that area now. I am quite surprised by how many venues there are in the dance bit. It could definitely be slimmed down because lots of them are pretty empty most of the time. Maybe they should loose one of the dance stages and have a punk/metal stage instead. They used to have some bands like that early in the day back when it was east/west dance.
  5. sneakydave


    I think £5 per ticket is the amount Brixton academy charge for venue hire. Four tet tickets are always £5 (+random fees) too. I wonder if St Albans Arena is more expensive so the tickets were more? I'd be surprised if it's that much more though. I got tickets via a non-internet person in the end
  6. Friday: Bo Ningen, Kate Tempest, Alabama 3, Fujiya & Miyagi, Goldie Saturday: Afriquoi, The Avalanches, Beans on Toast, Dead Kennedys, Factory Floor Sunday: Frank Carter, Dropkick Murphys, Dreadzone, Justice, Jamie XX Good idea btw.
  7. The bigger bands (Napalm Death/Dead Kennedys) have already been announced for the truth stage so maybe the whole venue will be inside the tube train? Assuming its a microvenue, two tube carriages wouldn't be that different to the size of that punk stage last year/the year before..
  8. sneakydave


    If anyone has a code they aren't planning to use that you could PM to me that would be excellent.
  9. Personally I just take my phone, wallet and clashfinder then pop back to the tent after the headliners to get a jumper and some rum. I defo wouldn't want to carry a bag around all day.. Could you fit that stuff in a bumbag?
  10. I have conducted some further research on your behalf. They are these people: https://www.facebook.com/thegtpoutine/ I'm told they are between pyramid and other but I also know how much their pitch was and it seems far too cheap for that location so who knows really. I am apparently doing a pub quiz with half of them this evening so I'm going to find out all about how food catering works at glasto. Very exciting.
  11. It was a shame about la grande bouffe last year. I'm going to give them one last chance this year but I don't have high hopes. Some friends of friends run a poutine stand (canadian chips, cheese and gravy) that will apparently be at glasto for the first time this year. Might be good late at night possibly..
  12. I had one of these last year at two festivals and no one deflated it, though it would be easy to do so. I think most people have better things to do, especially at glasto.. I didn't think it was noticeably lighter and it was definitely bulkier with the inflatable tubes than a normal tent is. Makes sense when you think how big air beds are when they're packed away. You also need to carry a fairly bulky pump with you. I'd probably get a standard version if I was buying again and if they sold one with a porch, though having said that it is really nice to be able to put your tent up in a few seconds.
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