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  1. James - amazing pictures! Well worth waiting until February to see them! I hope you don't mind but I stole the last one of the Pyramid with Damon on the big screen for my screensaver.
  2. I've never been picked on so I can't even begin to pretend how hard that must have been for you, but concentrate on that last sentence and enjoy what you have, rather than enjoying someone else's misfortune, no matter what you think of them or what they've done to you.
  3. Discovering how to rip audio from Youtube into mp3 and finding a decent amount of Blur's set on Youtube within about ten minutes of each other!
  4. Not had them in ages! Last time was at a 21st in the Liberal Club. The girls mum made me a whole load of them and I sat there happy as Larry drinking pints and munching cheese, pickles and pineapple. In fact I sneaked loads of them into Furys that night!
  5. Love the mud girl one! My favourite photograph from Glastonbury 2009...
  6. Sounds like a messy day :D

    don't think I've had the pleasure of visiting Broadwood yet. Tend to avoid Cumbernauld in general tbh. lol Said I'd catch a game with Ben though & missed the oppertunity to revisit Clifftonhill a while back :(

  7. Game, dinner and drinks for a couple of hours before and an hour after (then back to Paddys no doubt!). I've been to Broadwood once or twice a good few years back and aside the shite fitba, it was fecking freezing! Haha!

  8. Nice one on the Hospitality :) Is that lunch, the game and as much drink as you like? I plan to sit in Broadwood with my Accies scarf and tammy on to make it clear that I'm not asociated with either of the 2 clubs. Might need my own stand!! haha

  9. You just stay away from St Mirren sunshine! Clyde and Livingston, two of the most horrible clubs on the go! lol We've got corporate at SMP next weekend, should be good. Going through to Tannadice this saturday too :)

  10. Trying to say I'm a jinx on St Mirren? Perhaps I should get to more St Mirren games :P

    Tempted to go to Cumbernauld next monday with Ben (if he's still going). It's against Clyde after all & £12 (£6 if i dig out old student card) to watch Clyde get pumped by a diddy 3rd division side is decent value IMO. lol

  11. My luck has to change at some point! Record against the Hammies was good up until I knew you! Whatever you think is best mate we'll go there, and aye say to Nicky.

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