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  1. SPL top 3 goals for each team Do those of us that support an SPL team agree with the choices made for your own team? I agree with Michael Higdon and Craig Dargo's goals for the Saints, though Graham Carey scored a much better freekick against Hearts.
  2. What next for the SPL?
  3. Haven't been on too much recently so just seen this. Will get my team in soon
  4. Cheers for the reminder, had forgotten all about the fixtures tomorrow! Goodbye and good luck Andy Dorman. You've almost single handedly kept us in the SPL the past two seasons and you'll be a massive lose. Thanks for everything.
  5. Maybe I'm just missing it but there doesn't appear to be a "back to top" button under any posts or at the bottom of a page. Just a report button. Or is this something that's gone with the new upgrade? Not that it's a major thing to have to scroll back up.
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