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  1. No , i didn't know that haha looks like it'll be going on the internet to be flogged. Ta for that.
  2. I agree t8y, i bought kinect for the 360 and it was just a novelty that got put away after a few months.It was an attempt to muscle in on the success of the wii at the time. I can see the appeal for exercise games and the like, but as far as voice commands it wasn't very good, i'd find myself shoutng at the bloody thing and even then it didn't register what i was saying haha. So i won't be using that anymore and like i said, hopefully i can flog it at some point. I have bf4 but i don't play it, i did some of the campaign but i don't think i played it online. The only games i play online at the mo are watchdogs, trivial pursuit, and the free assassins creed downloaded off the dashboard last month.
  3. Yeh maybe i'm crap at driving games so i wouldn't know.....actually i'm crap at most games these days haha the old hand to eye coordination isn't what it used to be
  4. I've not taken the kinect out of the box after nearly 2 years of having it. I'm hoping they bring out a console only package so i can flog mine. I've not used the headset either, i got sick of gobby chavs from the UK and USA hurling abuse and screaming at people on the 360 so i can't be arsed on the xb1. The new dashboard will take no time at all to get used to, i think it's quite a good dashboard compared to the 360. You'll soon be able to play 360 games on it, the backwards compatibility app comes out soon....i've missed my poker as there isn't a poker game on the xb1 yet.
  5. A local ice cream man was found dead last night. He was covered in strawberry sauce, crushed nuts, and hundreds n thousands.....early reports suggest he probably topped himself.
  6. Apology accepted, that was decent of you. No, i've never heard of viberunner, i know i look like a new member but i've been on here about 10 years, i've just been inactive since 2007 or so and lost my post count when the website changed and only recently came back on here.
  7. Fair enough mate, everybody has their opinion on the matter. I didn't see that discussion as i was inactive for years. I just saw the thread and wondered if people had seen those videos, i certainly didn't expect the replies i got....that's politics for you, i wish i'd not posted anything
  8. No thanks i'm vegetarian. And no i'm not scottish, i'm english. Chip on my shoulder? I think you need to re-read your replies and see how rude and insulting your posts are. Go away and troll somebody else...
  9. I lost nothing, i'm not scottish. I have nothing to get over.
  10. Watch the videos for yourself it's plain to see, they looked legit to me. Of course no complaints were upheld, it was destined to fail from the get go, this political system is flawed anyway but i'm not getting into a political argument. I don't care who 'won or lost the argument' i just feel sorry for the scots who were swindled out of what the majority from what i saw, wanted.
  11. It's a little late i know, but the whole scottish independance vote was rigged. Did anyone see the youtube videos of the vote counters caught on camera deliberately taking yes ballot papers and putting them on the no pile....it was absolutely bloody shocking and i can't believe there was no investigation into that.
  12. Just give me fallout 4 please
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