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  1. Nick Cave subbing in 2013 was genius, probably the best pyramid sub I have ever seen. Intense, pure quality. The crowd who were there early to get a good spot for Mumford & Sons afterwards didn't know what hit them, still makes me smile now
  2. I think you just failed your suitability for parole interview
  3. Always this one... It just reminds me of Glasto so much, the atmosphere, the music, the Park, everyone happy, despite it absolutely sheeting it down with rain
  4. Thats awesome news and encouraging/interesting that advertising is picking up, do you know what sort of businesses are resuming advertising again, looks like confidence is returning
  5. Our biggest risk now must be importing new resitant variants from abroad. I think we will be OK with the current known variants circulating here, we just don't want any curve balls coming to uk now from overseas
  6. But won't the people for whom the vaccination won't ever work be OK though because they won't be exposed to the virus because the people who are vaccinated won't be spreading it to them. So the virus, in its current form just slowly fizzles away, assuming there aren't any new vaccine resistant variants? So they become just as protected in the end?
  7. Not really, I think our approach to lockdowns and more importantly the timing and tests needed to come out of each stage of lockdown are very sensible and very prudent. 5 weeks between each relaxation of restrictions means they can assess the impact of each relaxation before the next kicks in, and they can put the brakes back on if necessary. And with the added advantage that we are doing so well with the vaccination programme means the impact on the NHS shouldnt be quite as bad as it could have been of cases do head upwards. Still need to push to get everyone vaccinated ASAP though so waves become less likely and the impact of each is reduced
  8. Yes absolutely true Stu2H. My comment was really a response to our Austrian friend's reference to what Mrs M said, vaccination won't get Germany out of their immediate crisis, only a strict kickdown will get their cases down now. Vaccination will only prevent or reduce the impact of any future waves.
  9. Vaccination prevent future waves, the only way to suppress current waves is by strict lockdowns. Vaccines take 3 weeks to take effect and only if a significant proportion of the at risk population are vaccinated really quickly
  10. Shitting Nora, I would love to take my wife and kids to a 'small' family festival on the farm in the summer. The missus wont go to Glasto because "the crowds are just too big" (and she is a teacher as well) and i think it puts off the kids a bit too, Glasto is so huge. But they have been brought up to watch hour upon hour of Glasto footage on the tellybox by Daddy, so they would love to see the site in person and have a chilled weekend amongst significantly less than 200,000 other punters! It has to be on the Glasto site though, they need to see the Pyramid stage (the shell anyway), Pangea, Stone Circle, Greenfields ship, etc
  11. Its very family friendly, if you have kids interested in science/space stuff its absolutely brilliant. Also good if you like a bit of electronica as well I think, just check some of the line ups! Not really a 'get lashed every night' sort of festival, but it is a wonderful festival, a very chilled vibe, my kids loved going, we went to the first 2 but couldn't go to the next 2 due to in being during term-time. We had tickets for 2020 as it was back during the holidays, but.....
  12. The reopening of schools on 8th March was a brilliant decision I think. It gave them 3 weeks to monitor closely the trajectory of positive cases in the three weeks up to Easter, then another two weeks breathing space over the holidays to monitor how things are. The key to lockdown will be that first Covid test (hopefully this will be done formally within school so the results can be properly monitored). The week coming up is also key, before the kids break up. That will give a clear indication of the direction the cases are heading. And allow them to loosen restrictions further if there is still no significant rise in cases within schools, or tighten them further if there is. We are hopefully on the home straight now, and they/we don't want to blow it now by loosening restrictions a bit too early. Easter holidays gives them that breathing space/circuit breaker to properly assess where we are heading. At the moment it all looks like going in the right directions, including within schools, fingers crossed
  13. It would be useful to know how many cases are are from kids now being routinely tested in school - it would give a feel about the direction of travel for case numbers gernerally, if you could have real like for like comparisons for cases v tests and where and why the test was carried out (e.g. routine test at school). It would also give a good feel about if/how the virus is spreading within the school environment
  14. The prequel “Inept. Incompetent. Incapable.” A collection of dopes: The UK Government Story. Covered up soon.
  15. I assume a positive LFT at a school would show up as a positive case in the case data? So an extra 1 million tests produced no significant change in cases, so virtually all LF tests in schools were negative? Am I reading that correctly, so kids are almost entirely unaffected by the virus at the moment ...appreciating that a lot of the tests before would have been from people requesting a test/showing symptoms so more likely to be positive on the whole than from random/enforced testing at schools
  16. Schools reopening now, 3/4 weeks before Easter break, and with not many other restrictions being lifted until the end of March will give them enough time to establish the impact the reopening of schools has on case rates, as well as then giving them two weeks over the Easter holidays to do something about it, and allow them to gain more date on case rates. They will also then know how many kids test positive from the tests they have at school/at home to know which was the case rates within school are heading. I suspect if case rates don't significantly increase in school or outside of schools over the next 5 weeks, then they will start lifting restrictions within schools after Easter.
  17. This makes me very happy, its beautiful, makes me long for live music again.
  18. Covid will cost us £400 billion in total ...thats nearly £6k for every person in the UK
  19. It wont cost us this year, its totally about getting the economy moving again which I totally agree with this year. The pain will be in the following years when the the economy is back to some level of normality
  20. In view of what Toilet Duck says, which makes total sense, I wonder if they should be asking when people go for their second jab how they felt after the first? If those who felt rough after jab 1 are assumed to have been infected with Covid previously then it would give a great steer as to what percentage of people have actually had Covid so far, either with symptoms or without
  21. I think they should have aligned the furlough end date with the lockdown easing date. So furlough will go on until all lockdown measures have eased plus another month say. That would give business owners some certainty that they know their businesses are safe until things get back to relative normality. If lockdown ends in May/June then I can't think there will be many businesses who wouldnt want to resume trading to cover the summer holiday months, businesses and employees need to get back to work as soon as they can, not least for their own mental health. Especially in the hospitality sector, I can't see which businesses currently benefitting most from furlough will be kick started again from October, as the holiday season finishes. We need viable businesses employees' back to work as soon as it is safe to do so, I am not sure if such an extended safety net helps a great deal
  22. You are a very lucky man then
  23. Are false positives caused by a problem with the test or something within the person? If the test is the problem then presumably they just retest before telling the person to isolate just in case its a FP?
  24. I thought all their flavours were just syrup, on top of cider/perry weren't they?
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