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  1. yes, the growth rate per week is falling, so cases were increasing by over 70% per week at the start of the month, but now they are 'only' increasing by 43% per week
  2. I think we need to start looking at deaths and hospitalisations as a whole, and not just look at Covid on its own. When you look at deaths from flu and pneumonia (as mentioned a few pages back) they are significantly higher deaths from these than what is currently being seen from covid, yet we are only talking about restrictions due to covid. Maybe its time to consider what we should be doing to reduce the number of deaths from other air borne transmission causes. Also I think it puts more context as to the 'bigger picture' when looking at covid, serious illnesses and death from covid are a relatively small number compared with other causes, now the people at most risk have been double jabbed, and it doesn't look like there will be a massive spike in deaths even if cases continue to increase. Deaths will still be a lot lower than other causes we largely seem to accept. Perhaps we should looking at more measures to protect the vulnerable during flu season rather than measures to protect the less vulnerable from covid now?
  3. That graph is a little misleading I think, to put on a logarithmic scale anyway, it looks like things are spirally upwards looking at the trendline, it doesnt reflect the impact of the vaccination programme, you are comparing 1000 deaths in January against deaths increasing from 7 to1 5 or so now. The vaccination programme means we wont witness an exponential growth in deaths, and if we did for a short while then it would peak at a very low level, and not the 1000 in January
  4. Thank fuck for the vaccines otherwise things could be getting quite messy around now. Makes you worry for other nations when the delta variance properly takes hold there, as it inevitable will, and they aren't as advanced with their vaccinations as we are. It could get nasty. Hospital admissions, and deaths, still really low here
  5. I hadn't really got into their music until lockdown but these guys are great and their performance at the park was amazing. Shame I didn't realise that until listening to them during lockdown but you must all watch Mercury Rev at the Park on iplayer, it must have been amazing for anyone who was there. I certainly would have been had I known awesome they are. Please enjoy! If you havent listened to them before and you bands like flaming lips then you will love Mercury Rev. On BBC iplayer at the moment
  6. Thank you! And yes we are having a fab time
  7. Thank you, we have had a lovely day
  8. That's what I have been doing the last weekend of June every year for the last 16 years ... apart from last June ... and this June ..... and next June (no ticket yet) Ah fuck
  9. On this day 25 years ago I was getting married to Mrs dingbat! .. and yes it always been a bit awkward each year when Glastonbury falls on our anniversary ... we also beat Spain on the same day in Euro 96
  10. Can't blame Big Dog for that, I am exactly the same every morning when in my tent at 5am at Glastonbury
  11. Hadn't updated this for a few days.. After the big jump last Thursday the percentage increase in cases has been fairly flat at around 31% week on week the past few days, and way down on the peak in early June. Hopefully the increase will fall below 30% per week soon
  12. ... just put a bet on at 23/1 !
  13. Klinsman next Spurs manger then?!
  14. "... that happened to go in the upwards direction" Fnarrr fnarrrr
  15. The one who smelt it dealt it then! Not sure if being the first to show symptoms and be tested means you are the source. Especially with all the asymptomatic cases. Two doses of the jab doesn't mean you can't get the virus, it's not 100% effective. And I don't think you can extrapolate that she was the spreader on the basis she was the first to show symptoms and have a test so must have spread it to the rest. Just as likely that any of the other gals were the carriers asymptomatically and spread it I would have thought, rather than the double jabbed person
  16. How did they establish which one on the hen party they got it from? If they all got it, how did they know who was the source?
  17. I was thinking about this and wondering how many lives could be saved by countries not allowing their own citizens to leave their country when variants emerge where they live, rather than focusing on stopping people coming into their country when a variants emerges elsewhere. Must be a massive impact. Think of the delta variant (India) or alpha variant (uk). If we, or India, stopped our citizens travelling from our own countries elsewhere then I wonder how that would have helped the spread of those variants to other countries. I suppose that's the problem, we are far more interested in our own, or our own nation's welfare, than the common good globally. That's human nature I suppose and has always been the case. Interesting thought though
  18. Cases seem high today, but the percentage growth in cases is continuing to slow down each day, last seven days increase now 31.8% compared with the week before, and falling. Good news!
  19. This graph I built looks promising, it shows the week on week changes in cases per day (so the percentage increase in cases compared with the same day last week). It shows after significant increases up to about a week ago, the percentage growth in cases is slowing, still 30% week on week, but hopefully this trend will continue. Fingers crossed
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