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  1. 9 hours ago, Barry Fish said:

    IHME estimates suggest that increasing use of masks to 80% of the population, for example, will only reduce cumulative infections over the next 4 months by 10%.

    If it was deemed acceptable to go from 20000 cases a day to 100000 recently then it must also be acceptable to go from 20000 cases to 22000 by giving people all their freedoms back by ditching masks, especially the limited impact that increase in cases would have in hospitalisations and deaths compared to keeping them

  2. 9 hours ago, Barry Fish said:

    Yes that make sense...

    It seems the only useful metrics now are the hospital numbers.

    Yes they shouldn't really keep reporting death numbers and linking them to covid statistics any more, it just causes worry when people see that deaths graph without context. We should only be reporting ONS deaths data now, appreciating it wont be up to date, but will be more accurate

    Very simplistically, if the UK population is 70 million and average life expectancy is 80, then on average 67,000 will die every 28 days of something, or you have a 0.1% chance of dying every month, ignoring seasonality, etc. So when cases are 150,000 per day then you would expect 150 (0.1%) of those cases to die in the next 28 days in a normal year. And even more than that this time of year

  3. 31 minutes ago, Barry Fish said:

    Bad advice -  Whitty was spot on

    That's what we thought, bad advice supplied by test and trace, not the best response from Whitty bit probably didn't appreciate the reason why the question was asked. Must be loads of people who have tested positive for covid who won't be doing LFT tests because that was what they were told to do, but could be needlessly be spreading the virus round as they haven't done a test since because told not to. There are some quick wins there if they got the advice right and disseminated it down the chain

  4. Can anyone help on a question which was asked at the briefing and me and the missus have been asking as well. When my boys tested positive a few weeks ago we were told they shouldn't do a LFT test for 90 days as the results wouldn't be reliable. But that contradicts the guidance now that you are OK if you show 2 negative LFT tests after a previous positive PCR test. Whitty said it was be because it was LFT tests are less sensitive and show infectiousness better than PCR so why are we being told by test and trace not to do a LFT? Genuinely dont know the answer unless test and trace are giving the wrong guidance to people who have a positive pcr test?

  5. 6 hours ago, zahidf said:

    Sounds proportionate



    Just one Scottish Omicron patient required intensive care treatment in last five weeks

    Is that true? I assume that person recovered as well? So noone has died of Omicron covid in the past 5 weeks in Scotland, is that what this is saying? Or people have died from covid but they didnt know they were had the Omicron variant? So they all died from other variants or other causes (after a positive covid test). I would be interested to see the data behind that headline

  6. I see Doves have cancelled all future shows due to mental health issues. I was looking forward to seeing them next year, but hopefully I will get one last chance to see them again sometime in the future. I hope they are OK...

  7. 2 hours ago, Freddyflintstonree said:

    I got tickets in Glasgow after assuming being 70,000th in the queue for Wembley was no good. Perhaps it would have been. Oh well! 

    Where were you in the queue when your tried for Glasgow tickets? I though the queue was for any date rather than a queue for a specific date. I was around 60000 in the queue and took about an hour to get Wembley tickets for the Tuesday (waned to catch Londion Grammar again) 

  8. I think presale tickets are still on sale for Coldplay, I just go another 4 in a much better position after getting some earlier in one of the corner sections with a worse view. I had two presale codes for some reason, one when we ordered the CD and then another different code this morning, so used both, you might want to check if you had two codes as well. Will sell the first four tickets, I cant image I wont be able to sell them on or sell them back to ticketmaster

  9. 1 hour ago, tigger123 said:


    Its an interesting thought, so if you are worrying about dying from Covid after testing positive you should probably worry more about dying from something else. Not that there is a very significant chance of you dying of anything at all in the 28 days anyway in the first place thanks to the vaccines. It's all about risk, the chances of dying from covid is really tiny now, perhaps there needs a bit more balance in terms of what people die from at the moment and the impact this is all having on people's mental health and our kids lost year(s) of life experiences and education

  10. 5 minutes ago, Chapple12345 said:

    Pub near me is officially going to use Covid passports, I do wonder if they'll all eventually be forced into doing it 

    Cracking pub that, the Murderers, I have spent many a cracking night there, so my mates tell me! One of the best in Norridge

  11. 2 minutes ago, Toilet Duck said:

    Good day all round in the cricket…Ireland beat South Africa for the first time down the end of my road today too! 

    Saw that, awesome stuff. I always think Ireland are nearly there in international cricket but never quite break through. I wonder what would have happened had Eoin Morgan kept playing for them?

  12. 3 minutes ago, Homer said:

    Just texted my mate that watching the stands rocking and the sun shining has really cheered me up. Plus that run chase was awesome! Supporting our cricket team seems to provide a better change of winning with a reduced chance of violence/racism.

    Yep, you cannot beat a good ODI / T20 International on a sunny evening in Blighty. Everyone well oiled but always well behaved and partying. And a few Sweet Caroline's on the way. Can't think of a better way to enjoy a british summer evening! Be interesting to see how the public take to the The Hundreds in a couple of weeks time

  13. 13 minutes ago, Barry Fish said:

    Apparently that sound will be muffled out by masks after July 19th...  

    It's an absolute joy to watch and listen to. God have I missed this. Been to Edgbaston a few times, always such an awesome atmosphere created by the Brummie crowd

  14. Loving the sound from Edgbaston on the TV at the moment. That's exactly what we have missed so much over the past year... we can't go back to where we have been the last year.

  15. 41 minutes ago, Hugh Jass said:

    Well that wasn’t the result we wanted but I’m not actually too down today. Been a great tournament, we (England) have had a great tournament and were only a shootout away from winning the whole thing.

    Shaw, Pickford, Sterling, Stones, Maguire all had great tournaments and we look like a side capable of challenging for the big prizes again.

    On to Qatar!

    Yes, I fee the same, the boys did well. I still don't think we are quite world beaters yet, but we are getting closer and closer. Although it did go to the lottery of penalties, Italy I think were slightly the better team. I think the only mistake Southgate made was not using the subs a bit more, he could have put Rashford and Sancho on a lot sooner and give us more threat upfront. Just brining them on to take a penalty was putting too much pressure on them I think

  16. It will always be this for me, for me (personally) the most important song of the last 50 years. Started being obsessed listening to it on a tape recorder in 1977ish, have been playing it ever since, still play it loads 40 years later. Still sounds fresh and brilliant now in my opinion, these boys moved electronic music to the masses and inspired so many electronic artists from the 80s to now Superb song, absolute legends, 20 minutes of bliss

    .. Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd comes second


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