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  1. That finish by Costa was ridiculous! Oof!
  2. I dont think you are even close to getting what you would like to see happen. Too many politicians are using Brexit as a political football, so you will most likely not see a major party row in behind "remain" in a manifesto if a GE was called. Didnt the vast majority of MPs support remain? But one would hardly think such the way things have panned out since. Where are all those remainers voices these days? Hiding behind the "will of the people", too scared to pipe up? Sure Brexit means Brexit and thats that, eh? You will be waiting a very long time for the politicians to be brave enough to call a GE and stand behind remain in their manifesto. Easier for them to assess opinion polls on Brexit and begin calling for some form of new "in/out" referendum if polls support such and if they feel it can be politically survivable to do so..........The lag between what public opinion (may) reflect and the time politicians are brave enough to commit to something in a manifesto is too long IMO and that is time this whole Brexit process may not have Best thing for it at this stage IMO is that Brexit gets uglier and uglier, fueling public outrage and fear and the calls for some form of referendum from the public sphere becomes deafening.
  3. Not necessarily true. Many may and would have voted for the Tories in that election not even thinking of a potential Brexit poll. A GE is not (usually) a one issue vote and Im sure a lot of voters did not go to the polls that day thinking of voting for Cameron and his buddies and hoping for Brexit. Public opinion can and does change. Politicians already try to take advantage of that when incumbents call GEs at times they believe suit them. If the public opinion around Brexit shifts to a significant majority wanting another say on the issue then they should be afforded that without the farting about with a GE. Anyway another GE could make waters muddier. Look what happened last time.........
  4. But then you are telling people to vote for a party they may not want to vote for for a multitude of other reasons. For example there may be people who simply never want to vote for labour as they are simply not their politics and never have been yet may want to remain and if Labour were the only viable option for a remain proxy vote in a GE then those voters are in somewhat of a pickle, no? From a democratic perspective surely if it takes a referendum to do something it should take a referendum to alter that, no? What democratic issues does putting a referendum to the public raise BTW? They voted for something and that thing is currently "happening", but if they dont like whats happening surely its very democratic that they get their chance to say such, no? Thats how GEs work.
  5. Thats an easy one for the simple way they think "Young, inexperienced manager gets England to first WC Semi since the ledge ball that was Bobby Robson CBE"
  6. 8-1 on PaddyPower. Barca are 7-1 for CL. May be worth a punt.
  7. Yeah, sure what Klopp says and does are two different things. Just ask Karius (Or Utd fans who like to quote him about spending/not spending money) As for DS specifically. He has one year left with the club and if he would like to get a half decent move with half decent pay he will need to show himself to be a very professional back up this year. Do that and he could be a solid squad member (if he stays injury free)...... Apparently his link up play with Kieta was note worthy last night, even if it was against Blackburn, so it would be great for the club if he could keep the head down, stay injury free and make a contribution this season
  8. Well if he thinks he is joining LFC to be playing in the first 11 more often than not then he might as well pack it in now. He must understand why he was brought in. Surely? And he must be happy/agreeable with that approach and the prospect of the level of opportunity he will potentially get. Id be very surprised if he thinks something different and spits out the dummy accordingly. And anyway if he does he will be removed quicker than he can say "Mamadou Sakho"
  9. Finish 4th or worse and there will be grumbles for sure. Needs to kick on and needs that elusive trophy at this stage. Will be interesting to see if they go back sniffing about Lyon and if they go for another defender too... If the players he has now click they could be a threat.
  10. The Pool secure Alisson thankfully. Now he better prove he is worth all that cash.... the amount Klopp is spending if they don’t improve and potentially challenge there will be awkward questions. A different type of pressure will rise....twill be interesting to see how it pans out..
  11. The Ox is out for the whole of the coming season.... poor bugger... what the feck did he do???
  12. Henderson is defo hot and cold. He had a pretty decent game against Sweden if memory serves. Blocked a defo goal for the Swedes at one point.
  13. Tbf England are doing it currently despite what Sterling is up to. Muck with the 3 lions on his chest...
  14. Jesus! Look what can legitimately be typed these days?? No matter what happens from here on in I hope you English have enjoyed the fuck out of this! Semis of the World Cup!! Unreal....
  15. Wait a minute. Ye are sure that England are a better team than Croatia?? And that the only better teams left in the competition are in the other side of the draw? I would not be too sure...
  16. If it has worked in the past for them then they will continue to try and get away with it, unless a hard line is taken to try and stamp it out (which I dont see happening anytime soon). And it happens everywhere in football, not just South America. Sure Henderson threw himself on the ground unnecessarily from the "headbutt" instance and was being applauded for doing so. Some said he has every right to do so. Yeah he was caught, but he was obviously acting in his reaction to it and there is no way what happened him floors him. If peoples attitudes are "its OK when its my team" or "its OK in certain circumstances" then is will always be in the game. Thats professionalism and winning a all costs for you.
  17. I’ll have to view it again. But I don’t care if he did. They are all at it and it’s one of the least enforced rules in the game.
  18. Did he? Thought he stepped out and narrowed the angle....
  19. The hype is going to go stratospheric! Fair balls Engerland!
  20. Maybe, but I would not be as strong in that conviction using the words "clear favorites". Croatia, irrespective of last nights performance, would still be up there with them and are already in the quarters......... Its pretty interesting the way the draw has unfolded, but is there an argument to making the knockout stages seeded, or even drawn blindly ie put all teams into a hat an pick em out at random to play each other at each stage of the tournament? I dont know if I like these set pathways in tournament football........
  21. This World Cup is fucked up... maybe England do have a chance
  22. I thought there was too many changes in the English set up to properly judge if someone deserved the call up for the next game or not, irrespective if they had performed or not. I felt it would have been wise for Southgate to play the first 11 minus the few positions he felt there was some genuine competition and questions to be addressed/answered. But like Martinez he chose to conserve and protect the first 11 and there is very little wrong with doing that.
  23. Germany had a more "successful" group stage finishing top of theirs thus in theory giving them the easier path forward. England however came second in their group and so had to play the big boys earlier. In that context I would say Germany had a more successful WC to England "4 shure".
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