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  1. http://waterfordwhispersnews.com/2019/02/07/we-have-standards-here-satan-distances-himself-from-brexiteers/
  2. England’s discipline was unreal. Not a sexy part of the game to comment on but very noticeable from my POV. Also Irelands errors and mistakes were occurring way too often. At times it was like watching Ireland in the 90s
  3. Because his team ain’t winning anymore?
  4. There you go now. Liverpool trying to keep this tight and interesting
  5. Would British MPs really have much of an issue with the Back Stop if it wasn't for those pesky DUP MPs being the tail? My hunch is that most outside of Northern Ireland dont really give a fiddlers fuck about NI and we are here because the issue of NI wasn't really taken too seriously by MPs when Brexit occurred originally. As suggested above, the removal of the back stop alone will most likely not get a deal agreed in parliament anyway. Its just a convenient excuse...... Why there is no uproar about calling a Mulligan on Brexit by the UK masses is still beyond me BTW...........
  6. City were the better team, slightly... The finishes for both their goals were utterly top notch. The Pool could of got a draw with little arguments but the result makes it all very interesting going into the second half of the season. Just hope Liverpool don’t let the result get to them... Brighton, Palace, Leicester next... 9 points required, but far from guaranteed
  7. Sugarpuffs of course! It was good that your choice was maintained and resulted in an ad on the video he watched later. Also loved the ability to choose a tune for a scene. A gimmick, yes, but I did get some kicks outs of it all...
  8. Anyone do Black Mirror Bandersnatch yet? Works really well I think. As a gimmick the interaction may not last long if not supported with good writing but they seemed to have got it down on this occasion Both interesting and fun
  9. Let’s see what Liverpool do over the next 2 games. Confidence is high no doubt but two very tough tests ahead and a very long way to go till the end of the season. Points will be dropped but it’s very interesting at the moment
  10. Was always a significant game but it’s now more of a must win for City than it was a few weeks ago
  11. Never fully believed then as they had to go on an improbable streak to win it. City’s games in hand that season made it look more competitive than it was. Was hopeful but never thought it was a reality I was convinced of and was not surprised when they slipped up... This is a very different situation. As with the year Rafa went “close”.....as soon as he went on his rant I knew it was not on... Again, very different situation currently...
  12. City loosing two on the bounce and to Palace at home and Leicester away... what the hell is going on? Getting nervous that I’m going to start proper believing the Pool could do it (as it will make the fucking it up all the worse!).... Alien position to be in and alien feeling to have over the last few decades....
  13. Some nice early Xmas presents for Pool fans with some of those results
  14. http://waterfordwhispersnews.com/2018/12/18/non-man-united-fans-inconsolable-after-mourinho-sacking/
  15. Roy Keane would be perfect for the job!! Jose had to go. And whatever they end paying him it’s worth it for the club. He is poison. Talk from OT is they don’t have anyone lined up but will be undergoing an extensive search and recruitment process.... who knows?? Interesting times at OT. Sad to see Jose go. I hate the guy, but he does bring a certain type of entertainment with his personality
  16. Suspensions for the first leg of LFC Bayern could be very impactful....
  17. Utd were awful. Thought they might do something it being the match it is but fuck that.... pants... why they don’t sack Jose is beyond me
  18. And I think if they get it right it won’t make it worse
  19. That’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying other sports can get it together and implement VAR in a suitable manner for their sport. “Real football” should be able to get its act together and do it. Rugby is not a start stop game and VAR is not a major issue that takes away from the sport
  20. Yes. It is very stop start, but it’s a very different game to “real football”, so comparing flow of the game is pointless. NFL is not designed to have “flow”. The stop start nature of the NFL is down to the fundamental structure of the game and the Downs System and very little/basically nothing to do with VAR. Their implementation of VAR and that of Rubgy’s shows “real football” that is can be done and done well...
  21. If the game stops for 10 minute to make a decision then its not being implemented well. The VAR in the WC was desperately inconsistent, shite, and why they decided to do it in the finals and not in the qualifiers beggars belief IMO. No one had a clue what was going on. I did get a sense that the issues seemed to lessen as the tournament went on as folk got used to it, but they really should not have used the finals as such a guinea pig...
  22. That may not be a problem. It depends how you view it I suppose. The argument thats mostly touted about the flow of the game is one I dont agree with as long as its implemented well. Football is already a start/stop game.
  23. And thats a problem? If it should not of been a goal then fair enough. VAR if executed properly could actually add to the game IMO. Poor implementation of any new rule/aspect of the game would of course not be a good thing. So its all how they implement it.
  24. VAR next season in the PL. Hopefully it will be a good thing.............
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