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  1. I dont think it will happen quick but thats what will happen IMO. Sure nothing happens quick in TWD. It will be a long drawn out process. It will be interesting to see if they can make it stimulating enough in the meantime, as I feel a lot may be loosing interest.
  2. Sorry yeah I forget they split a season. The second half of the season is what Im referring. The character stuff is not well done IMO. Hence the snore fest.
  3. Its a bad season IMO. Last 2 episodes are worth watching Other than that its a snore fest.
  4. I have a thing of "Ive started, now I will finish" with TV and movies. I hate I have it, but I always find myself willing a series that turns to crap to hurry up or get better, or a really bad movie that caught my attention late at night on TV with some kind of interesting start.........I often hate myself for putting up with it, but I do it all the time
  5. I dont want to know wether I am right or wrong until I watch it myself. If I am right, it could be just what the show needs!
  6. Oh yeah. Every now and again magic happens on a TV show. That ep was pure magic. I felt tired and exhilarated after watching it. Smashing stuff
  7. I dont know how I feel about that. I like the idea of a full clean break with the exception of writers and directors. But then if they have a good chemistry with the cast maybe its not a bad idea to reuse them...... How long will it take for the viewer to disregard the old characters that some of the cast played in the first series, but? Will it impact how the 2nd series is set up in the minds of people? Its one thing seeing the same actor in something different, but to see the same cast in something thats the second series in a particularly named program, but its a totally different story with different characters. Will it not cause some initial acceptance issues on the part of the viewer?
  8. I really do hope that season 2 of TD is nothing to do with season 1 and has no link at all. No McConaughey and no Harrelson will be a major loss but I feel this anthology formatted approach to series is brilliant. You get a long, drawn out, character developing, conclusive, epic movie effectively. Brilliant stuff. Cant wait for the last episode
  9. Gilligan was honest as to why they did that with the watch for continuity, but he also said it can be viewed as him taking off the gift that Jessie had given him, before Walt headed into the "end game", as Jessie was now viewed as an enemy to him..........
  10. If the Saul Goodman show goes ahead you never know they may throw in a few moments that link it back to what happened in BB............Unless of course its set before BB............ Edit - Scratch that! Just read there that its a prequel
  11. Loved the wrap up. Was really well done. I wanted it to be longer but I'm selfish like that and I love epic viewing. The scene when he said goodbye to Holly crushed me. Most important scene in my eyes. So many of the themes where present in some form. I'm glad Walt died in the manner he did. Only small thing that peeved me was that I wanted him to say something to Elliott and Gretchen about his contribution to the company and that they owed him.....
  12. Maybe, but least we forget that Walt was happy to let Jessie die, as he blamed him for Hanks death and its Hanks death that prevented him from helping his family. Also if he had cared for Jessie the last time he saw him he would have convinced them to kill him there and then rather than allowing Jack and Todd bring him off to what he knew would only be a faith worse than death prior to him actually being killed. Its only now with the TV mentioning blue meth will he maybe think Jessie is alive and that Todd did not kill him (or will his anger allow him put that together?)............Will he feel for Jessie or will he still be full of hate toward him? Hard to tell but when we last saw Walt he was in full anger Heisenberg mode and Jessie is not a concern to that fella............
  13. And who the hell is looking after Brock? Hmmm? Does anyone think of the children!? Next week is going to be pretty epic............I did think Walt would return to save Jessie after last week, but if that happens its very much not going to be a primary motivation now and simply may be a consequence of Walts revenge actions rather than him in some way redeeming himself. If Jessie survives it will be more likely a lucky result of what Walt does rather than because thats what Walt wants............ Hell we might even see Jessie kill Walt as its his fault that all of this shit storm has gone down..........we know cancer spreads but this cancer has spread to destroy the lives of so many and Jessie will probably only find peace when Mr White is dead............. Walt will die next week (he must), but will he do so as a villain or a hero in our eyes? As Walter White or Heisenberg? Will our emotions toward him flip flop all over the place for the full episode? I would like to see Walt die, as a hero, rather than Heisenberg getting slane. I hope when he does we all feel "thank God, peace at last and didnt he die well"
  14. Wow! What an episode! I mean, holy fuck what an episode. Just watched it and I am actually tired, emotionally drained and exhausted from doing so. Some of the best, gripping TV I have ever seen. The range of emotions you feel toward Walts character alone in this episode is unreal.............. I have to lie down now after that...................... Wow! BTW some nice posting there Purple Monkey! Top stuff
  15. As the lads in Python would say "You lucky lucky bastard!". I have had the pleasure of seeing them on 2 separate occasions in Dublin and all I can say is you are in for a treat............if you smoke BTW get binned.............it will be intense!
  16. Yeah it was done wrong IMO. They should have been near large rocks and got behind them. Out in the open like that and not one bullet hit them was a bit much...........I know its a TV show and one sometimes needs to suspend belief but that was a bit much considering how BB has been shot and directed up to now.........
  17. I for one can not wait for this album. It may be the silver lining to come out of the dark cloud that was "LCD no more". For Murphy to produce AF and for them to embrace it to me it very much music to my ears...........next AF gig I go to Im hoping to get my dance on!
  18. Dont think you will be too happy with the new album material so...........well according to whats being talked about...... Apparently about the secret new material gig in Canada this is what was said.............."it was unexpectedly dance-oriented, due to the upbeat rhythms of conga drums and electronic flourishes alongside their most poppy sounds" also the 'standout' song of the set was described as "Imagine the Talking Heads' 'Once in a Lifetime', but if David Bowie had written it while on vacation."
  19. Loving the new tune. Murphys influence is brilliant. I can see myself grooving to this for a long time. Hope it is reflektive of the feel of the album and if it is I am sure I will be a very happy bunny.
  20. ThomThomDrum

    Nick Cave

    BTW this was not obviously shown on the BBC................. One cool dude
  21. ThomThomDrum

    Nick Cave

    Ah sure they did Coachella this year so there must be a chance they could do Glasto in the future...........just as Pyramid Headliners? Na, thats not going to happen.............but you never know about the Bad Seeds in years to come.........They have enough good under-card performances at Glasto and in years to come when viewed as "legends" you never know..........I suppose it depends on how much Emily loves Nick............
  22. ThomThomDrum

    Nick Cave

    Hey Russy! Ya think its time to update the aul "Member Title" there? Wanting Nick Cave and Grinderman to do such will require a lot of work on the flux capacitor!
  23. The Fall is very much a decent watch. Would recommend catching up on players (RTE in Ireland, BBC in UK) Ep 3 was aired in Ireland yesterday and will be aired in the UK tonight It has been given the go ahead now for a second series
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