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  1. That may not be a problem. It depends how you view it I suppose. The argument thats mostly touted about the flow of the game is one I dont agree with as long as its implemented well. Football is already a start/stop game.
  2. And thats a problem? If it should not of been a goal then fair enough. VAR if executed properly could actually add to the game IMO. Poor implementation of any new rule/aspect of the game would of course not be a good thing. So its all how they implement it.
  3. VAR next season in the PL. Hopefully it will be a good thing.............
  4. Some tributes https://wokesloth.com/artist-tributes-stan-lee/jessi/?utm_content=buffer43477&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=thegoodlordabove&utm_campaign=bloomjoy
  5. Ordinarily I would probably agree with this but as we are talking the realm of fantasy and comic books and Lee being such a significant figure and influencer in that world I personally think it’s a lot more acceptable than it would ordinarily be. It’s a world of nods, Easter eggs, geekish thrills etc etc. His very enthusiastically performed cameos to date could even suggest that his personality would not only be down with such but would maybe love the idea.... i of course could be wrong but I do suspect Lee would get a kick out of it... However, if it did have potential to upset his family then it should 100% not happen....
  6. Stan Lee fading out like that would be an excellent last cameo............get on to Disney!
  7. He probably told someone about his move to West Brom when he should not have and then that someone cashed in.......... If thats the case his statement is probably true but his actions will have him in trouble
  8. Thought the last episode was a weaker one. Did not care too much for the Jason story.........
  9. A tad unfair. They were the nearest challengers for most of the 2015/2016 season is memory serves
  10. When people are arrested in Britain /Ireland newspapers are restrained from publishing material that might prejudice a possible trial. The suspect's reputation is also protected by the law of libel. This is not so much the case in the US due to the 1st amendment...
  11. It’s a US case. What the media can do and say in advance of a potential case is a whole different kettle of fish compared to many other jurisdictions....
  12. Juve should have kept their traps shut on this one. There is no need for those tweets at all. They cause more problems and help with nothing IMO. Money, distance and borders will keep Ronnie safe on this one most likely, but what Der Spiegel claimed to have uncovered and have seen does not look well for him.
  13. I sure Klopp is very happy. One sure way to get him injured is to send him off with England!
  14. Yeah there looked to be a serious lack of effort and they could not cope with Napoli’s energy. Liverpool will be destroyed by City if they put in a similar performance
  15. Does not read well for Skippy... Probably won’t ever play the twilight days of his career in the MLS....
  16. Ah FFS. I just assumed they always used links with charities and local bodies etc to give back to sick/disadvantaged kids. But charging (and a pretty penny in some instances) just makes it a benefit for the privileged. Its a bit scummy.
  17. Surely a club like Utd would not think like that with the cash they have in their pockets? If he is the problem at the club then it should be worth every penny to get rid? Id say if the hierarchy at Utd believe Moany is the problem then they are probably lineing up the replacement as we speak and will give Jose the P45 as soon as they can
  18. This is the part they will be most unhappy about as so far this season they have got away with this “problem” until now. They need to be more clinical if they are going to be a serious serious threat to the trophies and so far even though they have won their 7 previous they have left a lot on the pitch in way of scuppered chances
  19. Harry Wilson's free kick was a smasher. Fair play to him
  20. 2014 was an interesting enough run in no?
  21. Don’t know how this City team has dropped points.... relentless! Without doubt the team to beat. Missing one of their best players and you wouldn’t notice...
  22. Salah needs to learn to adapt his game with the attention he is now going to get due to making himself a superstar last year. I dont know if rest is what he needs. I dont pretend to know how his mind works, but he may simply want to keep going until it clicks again for him. If he is getting the majority of the attention then the others on the team should have a better chance to succeed. If he is mindful of that and that in fact materializes he should be OK with not banging in goals every single game, so long as the team are doing OK and his contribution is, in effect, making a difference. I dont think a selfish, self centered mindset will last too long in Klopps squad, no matter the talent.
  23. I believe he was celebrating the goal before the camera went to Klopp and then he threw the bottle on the ground in that manner most likely out of relieved frustration with himself and the situation. I think............
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