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  1. 1 hour ago, eFestivals said:

    It always was the case that the demands on UK sovereignty contained within the backstop was the biggest barrier to a deal.

    Do you think the sovereignty of the UK would be as big an issue if May had not called that general election and empowered the DUP who are effectively the reason the backstop was altered from a NI only backstop to a UK wide backstop....?  

  2. 9 hours ago, The Nal said:

    Utd are 12 points behind Liverpool after 7 games. Won 2 of the last 12 league games. 6 of the next 7 games are away, the only game game is against Liverpool. 

    Great bantz.


    It’s still a fixture full of dread for both sets of fans regardless of gap. The fear of loosing it and being on the receiving end of bragging rights fuels the dread.... probably even more so when ur team is “expected” to win it... 

    I recall chatting with Utd friends back when Utd utterly dominated leagues and Liverpool were bang average if not worse and still the fear of loosing to Liverpool would erode any confidence they should have had considering how Utd played.... I also recall a lot of shite boring encounters with very little to talk about...  

  3. Lying to the Queen. An illegal closing of parliament. What’s it, 6 votes and all losses? And there is a chance this isn’t the end of the most farcical tenure of No 10? Fucking bananas... Politics is all over the shop in today’s world... 

    Also what does today’s ruling say about the English High Court? An 11-0 ruling suggests there is 0 ambiguity, yet the English High Court did not see that? 

  4. No doubt when the inevitable slump from Liverpool arrives it will be viewed by some as “choking”.... 

    City have only dropped 5 points. There’s a long long road to traverse with European footie and injuries to contend with for all...

    Norwich doing City over is most pleasant viewing, but that’s were it stays for the moment.... 

  5. On 9/5/2019 at 11:10 AM, A-Rob said:

    Yesss it's NFL kick off day!! Green Bay and Bears to open could not asked for a better opening match.




    In the end I think the NFL and anyone watching that could! Not exactly the ideal opener 😬

    Pretty poor stuff, except for the result (for me anyhow) 

  6. Pats Chiefs Rams Steelers Bears should all be up there one would suggest. But yeah the start of an NFL season is always a learning curve. What high profile names look strange in their new colours? What Rookies will light it up? What Defences all of a sudden are impenetrable? Can’t wait for it. Red Zone all the way! 

  7. Nearly sure I read somewhere pretty recently that the LFC owners are willing to back Klopp with a chunk of cash this Summer... think they should leverage off the CL win and go for whatever tickles Klopps fancy... 

  8. Alisson and Van Dijk both cost a hell of a lot of cash but on both counts it would be hard to argue that it was not money well spent. 

    Shame the final was so poor after some of the games we saw this year and considering the potential both Liverpool and Spurs brought to the game wrt performance and style

    Have to think the early goal played its roll it that, as well as maybe the extended time off to prepare for the final and a couple of first 11 choices that may not have been worthy, in hindsight??

    Its great to see this Liverpool team get a deserved trophy. They have been a joy to watch and follow and I am chuffed for Klopp, especially considering his last 6 finals.

    It will be interesting to see if they can again put the challenge up to City next season in the league, and if and how both teams will invest over the summer...

  9. Meh...

    Quite the limp ending. Don’t think I’m going to miss it much at this stage...

    I do miss the way it made me feel and think years ago. The change in pacing over the seasons was were it began to lose its way for me.

    Enjoyed so much of it, and so many different aspects of it over the 8 seasons, but in the end the project was too big to be any where near perfection.... 


  10. 1 hour ago, eastynh said:

    Yes I totally agree and I did offer the olive branch and said lets keep it to football as I was bored with talking about things that were not happening on the pitch

    City winning seems to have brought the worse out in the Liverpool fans. I perfectly understand that they had their hopes up and then dashed, so I do forgive them. 


    Easty the manner in which you celebrated your league win on here was pathetic and disgusting, in contrast to the posts prior to that where people on here acknowledged the incredible achievement City had completed. You had zero class in victory. You came on here calling Liverpool fans scum etc etc, and now claim to be a bigger person with olive branches and “keeping it to football”. 

    Dont be too shocked if folk you called scum don’t rush to take you up on the offer. 


  11. 15 minutes ago, eastynh said:

    Champions League is a lottery really. City are the greatest English team of all time. The achievements of the past 2 seasons are unprecedented. 

    Not as much as a lottery as the domestic cups, and yeah what City have done in the league is ridiculously impressive. Had to win 14 in a row, with no room for error, to win it and did. Amazing really.

    One just feels they need the CL to tie it all together. Had a great chance this year, being in an easier side of a draw. The lottery aspect was actually working in their favour. They just couldn’t make it work for them and the chance of a quadruple disappeared. 

    It will be interesting to see if they can mount an assault on the 4 again next season...but I’m sure most City fans would probably trade all 3 domestic titles next year if it guaranteed the CL.... or what would be their thoughts on that?  

  12. “In S1E1, Jaime Lannister pushes Bran Stark out of a window. This is subtle foreshadowing by Benioff and Weiss for S8E5, where eight seasons of Jaime's character development are similarly thrown out the window”



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  13. 22 minutes ago, The Nal said:

    Saw a few comments that City singing it related to Sean Cox somehow

    Here are some of the lyrics with which they are referring to... it’s not explicit or name Cox.

    All the way to Kiev, To end up in defeat, Crying in the stands, And battered in the streets.


  14. Easty it’s pretty sad how you are reacting after your team just won one of the most competitive, hard fought, impressive title races in memory. Your anger and vitriol is very disappointing. At times on here you have given me the impression that you could be better than such a response, but to see it it the wake of your team retaining the league in such an impressive manner points to some true colours being unveiled. The sort that are quite unappetising in honesty. 

    Enjoy the win; look forward to the FA cup; and “calm down”.....it’s a fucking game....

  15. 57 minutes ago, jamesrain said:

    we handled the pressure when it counted. Liverpool didn't, 7 points advantage should have been enough but couldn't handle the pressure.






    You know there is such a thing as winning poorly... 

  16. 15 minutes ago, Lad said:

    It all means nothing without a trophy.

    There are a lot of football teams and very few trophies. Fans of football get a lot of meaning out of a multitude of things about the sport other than trophies. They have to. Otherwise it would not be nearly as popular as it is

    Yes, sport is about winning. But you must be quite naive to think its nothing but........


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