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  1. yaaaas - got tix for this and omg why is boutique camping (without duvet hire) so goddamn pricey! what was camping like last year - lots of space and quiet?
  2. Alright Peevis you mentalist!

  3. Good work soldier. Well although I dont want to be in a wierd team with you and your fella, I fancy being an honorary (sp?) member. So if its OK, i'll join Team Grohl too.


  4. Haha Team Grohl rocks...my boyfriend once got called Dave Grohl so we are Team Grohl together - can't think of a better team to be in! :) And hello :)

  5. Team Grohl like Dave Grohl?

    He legend, you in his team... You = Legend.


  6. wow - first time i'd read your blog so hello loving the dress bargain, things sound very happy with you! the oc x
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