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    music , going to gigs and festies, films (esp johnny depp!), going to the gym!
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    Just Back

    A bit late posting my thoughts but here goes. We were in a group of about 15 with 7 teens and 2 Bella virgins. We all had a fabulous time. Positives: we were in quiet and did think it was amazingly quiet compared to previous years. I actually slept. 2 of the teens with us prefered camping here, they just partied in general and returned late for a good sleep. The toilets were cleaned regularly and were the best of the festivals we've been to this year. Music wise Feeder, Neil Hanlon, Stornaway and Mothers Ruin stood out for me. Our teens loved seeing Tommy Reilly again and meeting and chatting to him in the arena. Orkesra Del Sol were excellent as usual but would have been better in a tent. Thursday night we really enjoyed the wine tasting and the ceilidh was amazing fun-I think the Black Isle Beer helped alot combined with the half a box of wine we'd consumed before we headed in!!! Negatives- arriving quite early to a most enormous queue to get in taking about an hour. The food stalls having little choice for a gluten free diet apart from one curry choice, chips and baked potatoes. Why do so many options have to be served on bread and why can't they provide a GF option since it a pretty common problem, even the reliable stovies weren't GF anymore having now added bisto to the gravy. Glad we took some food to cook back at the tent else my hubby may have starved. Apart from that I can't think of anything else that was bad about the weekend- eeven the weather proved to be a total surprise after the terrible forcasts.
  2. Levellers lots of times all good Amy mcdonald..ages ago at Big weekend in falkirk not bothered now Feeder- how could anyoe not have seen them. Twin Atlantic 4 times last time at Rockness...always seem to suffer with sound issues IMO Orkestra del Sol - immense ammount of times, never disappoint
  3. Last year they wouldn't let in my daughters friend until an adult went to fetch her from the entrance....she was only 13 though. On the other hand my daughter who was also 13 had an adult wristband because when we went in with tickets i just said 3 adults and they must have assumed she was 18 She was sooo proud. Starting to worry she looks too old for her age since bus drivers and a waitress asked for her student card in Glasgow the other day
  4. Ahh hoping for a bit of sun are we?? Am hoping they add a few modern "indie" bands to please my teenage daughter now
  5. Making your way up north again then Ben. Not overwhelmed, but Feeder, Stornaway, Divine Comedy & Levellers will do nicely
  6. I' can't wait to find out . will definitely be coming since my friends have decided they definitely are too sooooooo just a couple of good ones in there wil make me amazingly happy. Duke Special or Band of Horses would suit me
  7. Belladrum is a definite for us and has been for years, but we do like some musical treats to look forward to too. They don't usually disappoint.
  8. I am really waiting with bated breath to hear the announcement. Hope it's soon because i want to make plans
  9. Omg... all our pets died last year except our cat Jekyll who is 18 and has senile dementia and meows ALL the time LOUDLY. I don't think they do care homes for elderly cats... do they??
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